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Routine maintenance such as aerating and sand dressing.

Course Update July 2017

I hope you all have been enjoying the course over the last few weeks and were pleased with our course preparation for the club championship.  The greens were left to dry out a little, apart from hand watering (hence the browning of some areas) and fairway watering was increased as you all hopefully noticed.  All the green staff have heard is positive and praising comments, so from myself and the staff, a big thank you.

However, to get the course in the great condition it has been over the last few weeks, we have to carry out routine maintenance such as aerating and sand dressing.  

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week we will be doing exactly that.  Early Wednesday 12th July, the day after all that lovely rain, we aerated greens down to 5 inches with pencil tines.  Sorry, the greens may have been a bit bumpy.  Then on Thursday 13th July, they will then be hand cut and top dressed with a light sand dressing.  Due to the dressing, the greens won’t be cut again until Sunday morning to allow the sand to ameliorate into the green profiles.  Your co-operation and understanding would be gratefully received over this time.

As I said earlier, up until Wednesday of this week, we had been watering like crazy in order to keep the course in great condition in the hot temperatures.  This has taken a lot of man hours and the green staff’s flexibility.  For this I owe them a massive amount of praise which I’m sure is reciprocated by you.

As I’m sure you can appreciate, with the summer holidays imminent, we will have staff away on their holidays.  During this period, we will be striving to keep the course up to the standard that it has been over the last couple of months.  However, some little jobs may go amiss at times.  Please bear with us as we will catch up when back up to our full quota.

We’ve seen, from the start of the season this year that the course has been a lot busier with green fees, societies and corporate functions.  This is only a good thing for the reputation of the club.  However, due to the increase in footfall, we’ve noticed an increase in litter, pitch marks and divots not being repaired.  It would be of great help from the members if these things are noticed, please pick up litter and repair damage.

Until the next update, please enjoy the course.

The Greens Staff  

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