Month: February 2019

Putting lessons and the importance of the pre putt principles

Putting Lessons will enhance one of the most important yet under practised shots in golf.

If players could hit all 18 greens in regulation and then finish each hole with 2 putts (avoiding that dreaded 3 putt) then those 36 putts would account for exactly half of their shots.

On average tour professionals will only hit 12 out of 18 greens in regulation meaning they have missed one third of the greens . However they will normally finish their round at level par or less so their total number of putts per round must be 30 or less.

For most club players the time invested in putting is often unfocused and sometimes taken for granted or completely overlooked.

Players therefore need to understand that their best chance of lowering their score and/or handicap is to focus on their short game – chipping and putting.

A Putting Lesson Seminar held at Abridge

Our Pro shop team of recently held a putting seminar using the indoor studio at Abridge. The principles of this seminar was to highlight how the pre stroke fundamentals in set up can affect the putting stroke and efficiency.

It was explained to the members how the four pre putt principles will affect the stroke in different ways with the following direct effects:

Body alignment – club path, face angle and roll

Ball position – attack angle, club path and face angle

Clubface alignment – face angle and path

Grip – face angle, club path and roll Posture – attack angle and club path

We will be running more seminars for members throughout the year. The next one will be in March and cover on course management / strategy.

For more information or to organise a lesson please call the Pro shop on 01708 688 333 or book your next lesson on our your game page.

Early frost, but drying, slowly

We have a slight frost which means all greens are on tempoarary for while. As soonas this thaws we will get the greens back on. We are drying out slowly and a dry week is forecast. There are still 3 temporary greens today. Buggys and Trolleys are allowed on the front 9 but must stick to the paths at all times please. You may take a Trolley round the back 9 but please take care.

Abridge Golf Club Ladies go A hunting

Four Abridge Ladies and one Gent took a day off from golfing to go hunting (and scrounging) for gifts for the tombola in aid of our wonderful Charity Golf Day spectacular in aid of Prostate Cancer.

Although Our Charity golf day is not until June, we are already working hard to make sure that once again our day is perfect. As we have already raised over one million pounds in the past and £22,500 last year we have a lot to live up to! So with this in mind The Abridge ladies and Brian got up early and drove to the Spring Fair at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

Armed with wheelie trolleys and pictures of our previous tombola and cheque presentation along with information about the specialised microscopes we are raising funds for The Abridge golfing ladies paired up and started to circulate.

Ladies Golf prize Table

The generosity of the participants in the spring fair was overwhelming. Stopping at each booth in turn we introduced ourselves, said we came from Abridge Golf Club, showed our pictures, and asked if the stallholders could help us. And unbelievably they did! Kitchenware, candles, toasters, trays, pictures notebooks and so on were freely given with a smile and wishes of good luck in our venture. Brian very kindly lugged our freebies back to the car as each of us became loaded down.

It was very exhausting but most exhilarating! My thanks to our wonderful ladies who came with to make the day so successful. Alison Levy our charity chairman Pam Levine and Maureen Hart.  I was there too (Deborah Jacobs lady captain). Also a special thank you to Brian Allsuch, for helping us, and keeping his wife Lesley’s legacy going. Lesley started the charity day and we all miss her, but the day is still there to honour her.

If you have any gifts that you would like to donate for our tombola we will be very pleased to accept them. We also need sponsorship.

I am pleased to announce that Paula Wendleken is going to do a 3 mile open swim for us. Many thanks Paula and good luck!

Please come and join our Abridge golfing ladies for our wonderful annual charity day on Tuesday June 25th 2019. You can be assured of a very warm Abridge Ladies welcome. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful golf course here at Abridge in Essex.

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Waterproofs at the ready.

After last nights rain and the rain we are currently getting unfortunately there will be some temporary greens still in play today. Buggys are permitted on the front 9 only and must stick to the paths. Trolleys are permitted on all 18 holes but please stick to the paths on the front 9 and take care around the back 9.

Wind swept weekend

Unfortunately the course may have a few temporary greens again this morning as they have still not dried out from last week and last nights rain. Buggys are allowed on the front 9 holes only but must please stick to the paths. do not leave the paths for any reason. Trolleys are allowed on all 18 holes but if possible please stick paths as much as you can. It is very windy today so please take care and enjoy your round.

We all need AIR !

So what is that rather large piece of machinerey on the fairways at the moment, getting in the way of your Golf , punching holes in the fairways and leaving mess !

Well, its called a verti-drain. Its a great bit of kit that helps us get our fairways in the condition they are during the season

Grass needs air just like we do to make it healthy and flourish. The clay soil we have makes it essential to keep the soil profile aerated allowing vital air into it , this creates a better environment for root development, which in turn makes the plant more resistant to dry periods and wear from golf traffic.

The idea of the verti drain is to create these air pockets and relieve compaction from the continuous golf traffic.

It also helps with draining a surface water, by creating spaces amongst the soil to allow water to get through. When conditions are right we can get holes down 14 inches, but any depth of 5 inches or more is doing a job. The thickness of the tines range from 1/2 inch to 1 inch.

It takes roughly a whole working day to do one approach and fairway. If you see it on the course you will see its a slow process.

Conditions have to be right to be able to use the verti-drain, if the ground is too hard you cannot get the tines into the ground, too wet and you create a mud bath. Yes it does make a bit of mess as it disrupts the surface, but the benefits outweigh heavily this.

Here at Abridge Golf Course we ideally Verti-drain all the fairways, approaches and tees three times a year when possible. We also do the same process on the greens but use a smaller machine and thinner tines. More on that process another time.

Please watch and enjoy the video below and see this great bit of machinery in action.


MOST WANTED: Course Marshals

Its not Terry one of our course marshals who is wanted, we are looking for more course marshals like Terry to help around the golf course, we have various shifts both AM and PM. weekdays and weekends available.

If you are able to give us some of your time to greet the guests and members that visit Abridge Golf Club we are offering you 7 day unrestricted golf membership worth over £1600

We looking for people who have confident and friendly personality, an understanding of golf is beneficial but not a necessity.

If you can give 5 hours a week and fancy free membership please fill out the form below or call Paul Cracknell on 07984 674 916 for more information

Wet and Windy Thursday

Another wet night has dropped 10mm of rain so unfortuntely again there will be some temporary greens in play. Buggys on the front 9 only and please stick to the paths and take care. Trolleys can be used on all 18 holes but please use the paths as much as possible when you can and take care on the back 9. Its a little windy today so please take care and enjoy your round

Another damp start

Due to another nights rain the course will again have a few temporary green today. Buggys can be used on the front 9 only and please stick to the paths, Trolleys can be used on all 18 holes but please stick to the paths as much as possible and take care around the back 9.

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