Month: February 2019

Mid Week Strike Check

Get instant feedback from something as simple as using athletes foot spray.

Striking the ball from the centre of your iron face is the best way to maximise distance and efficiency.

Let me break it down.

Sweet spot – The point on the clubface which feels the best – we all know those shots where you “didn’t even feel it”. Hitting the sweet spot results in minimal twisting of the club, maximum energy transference to the ball, and warm, fuzzy feelings inside – you will see longer shots with more consistency.

The Not-So-Sweet-Spot

Anywhere not in the centre hahaha

But what happens when we miss the sweet spot?

In this video Sergio Garcia’s driver off the deck shows what really happens when a ball is mis-hit it, we see the crazy effect it had on the clubhead.

In the left column, we see a toe shot and the club twist open.
In the right column, we see heel shot where the club twists closed.
This will affect direction slightly, but not by much, and maybe not in the way you would imagine.

Update for 5th feb

After a course check and set up there will be 4 temporary greens today. Buggy’s only on the front 9 and please stick to paths. Trolleys can be used on the front and back 9 but please stick to the paths as much as you can and be careful on fairsways around the back 9.

Wet update

Its still raining , but we have managed to get 9 greens back in play. It is essential now that Trolleys around the front 9 stick to paths only please. You may take a trolley on the back 9 holes but please be careful. Buggy’s are only allowed on the front 9 holes and must stay on the paths at all times .

Its a wet one today !

owing to the recent thawed snow and last nights rain the course will be subject to several temporary greens today. Buggys will be allowed on the front 9 only please, stick to paths at all times, we ask that trollies please stick to paths at all times also, and take care around the back 9. We will update this message as soon as we know how many temps there are.

Stay In And Get That Decorating Finished!!!

Another cold one out there today. Its 6.30am and currently -2 degrees! The snow still hasn’t thawed on the greens and will have now frozen. This means that temporary greens will be in play again for today unfortunately. Buggies are allowed on the front 9 holes only and are to stick to the paths. Trolleys can go on front and back 9’s but please stick to the paths where possible. Please take care if you do venture out as there are slippery areas on the course.

Then The Snow Was Gone…Well Almost!!

Most of the snow seems to have gone from the course. Unfortunately the snow is still hanging around on all of the greens. This means that temporary greens will be in play all day with temperatures not forecast to get much above 2 degrees. With snow comes a lot of water which will obviously make the course quite wet and slippery so please take care. Buggies can be used on front 9 only and are to stick the paths only. Trolleys can be used on front and back 9’s but please use the paths where possible.

Good weekend for decorating !

The forecast is for it to be cold over the weekend with temperatures not rising much above freezing until monday. Whilst the snow may thaw and the greens look clear they will still be very wet and potentially frozen just below the surface.

Using the greens under these conditions can do some real damage to the root system. I am sure you will appreciate, we want to protect our greens from this potential damage? Therefore, although we will do our best over the weekend and the beginning of next week to get as many greens in play as we can , you may find yourself playing to temporary greens. Please watch the video below for further education.



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