Month: March 2019

Enjoy the sunshine

Its forecast to be a pleasant weekend so dust the clubs off and enjoy the fresh air. Buggy’s are on but must stick to the paths on the front 9 holes and the rough on the back 9 holes please. Trolley’s are on. While we continue to work on the 4th green it will remain on a temporary. Please do your best to keep off the new turf at thew 13th Green

Off you go!

Buggy’s will today be allowed on all 18 holes, HOWEVER! They must still stay on the paths on the front 9 holes and in the roughs on the back 9 holes. Please abide by this otherwise we will have to look at the buggy situation again. Trolley’s are on. 4th green is on a temporary.

Seniors Golf Season starts with a visit to Stapleford Abbotts

We are pleased to have started yet another Seniors Golf Season with a visit to Stapleford Abbotts on Thursday 21 March. Despite having what we felt was a powerful team the result didn’t quite live up to our expectations, and as our Captain for the day, Roger, stated in his speech, we are still a ‘work in progress’. Bit like the redevelopment of Abridge which we are sure will bring a much better result than we achieved.

We sincerely hope that this season brings further tales of gallantry in battle against tremendous odds, while fighting for Abridges’ good name around the area.

We are very happy to confirm that our match at Stapleford Abbotts did not start like last year, with our Seniors colleague severely injuring his finger while putting up his trolley.  Despite the medical ministrations of Vince Allen, who produced Black Duck Tape to staunch the blood flow in ‘VEIN’. In true tradition though, Barry played stoically in his match. 

As usual we can’t remember whether he won or lost, but as all losers say, ‘it is the taking part which matters, not the result’.

Unfortunately we will never get a repeat of Menashy Cohen heroically flying in from India, with his trolley battery in his luggage, and explaining why to the Indian Customs Authorities. Despite this he came straight to the course, to play in an away match at Potters Bar. In pouring rain he played so well that we won the match well before the end of the 18 holes, and were fortunate enough to be able to walk in saving us from further drowning.

This will never happen again because, not long after our teams’ heroics, Potters Bar sadly closed down, so there will be no repeat this year. Despite this, our hero’s efforts will never be forgotten.

We have not yet replaced Potters Bar on our schedule, so there will be two less games this season, unless we can find another venue suitable to us all. This clearly does not mean the most difficult course we can find, and, in fact the easier the better would be great.

It seems to us that every match is just a fun day, particularly as we never note down the results. Even if we had written them down we probably would have lost them by now, and we certainly can’t remember them.

So we welcome our regulars and new participants to take part by either informing Barry or putting their names on the list in the changing room, presuming that you can still find the changing room?

Abridge Seniors Golf Team
Abridge Golf Senior Team 2019

We also look forward to guests enjoying our new clubhouse and playing on our excellent golf course.

The Seniors Organisors.

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Winer at Toot Hill Pro Am

One of the flagship events on the PGA Essex schedule was held at Toot Hill Golf Club on Friday 22nd March. 32 teams took part 32 Professional all fort for the £2,000 purse.

The day was cold but the course was superb. Tees, fairways and greens all in immaculate condition. 

toot hill golf club

Our PGA Pro Jack Winer got off to a rocky first hole (the 11th) having to make a 12 foot putt for par after a poor wedge into the green but got back on track nearly holing his tee shot on the island green signature hole 12th.

He went on to make a further 6 birdies, carding four 2’s out of the five par 3’s to card a -4 score of 66 and to take victory at the Toot Hill Pro Am by 2 strokes to the ever steady Rob Coles (former European Tour player).

Jack Winer Toot Hill Pro Am Card
scorecard for Jack Winer from Toot Hill Pro Am. 

Highlights for Jack Included:

  • 7 Birdies in a round today
  • -4 on the back 9
  • 4 Under 66
toothill twitter pga comp

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Cold start Warm day!

It’s presently -2 degrees as i write this and we have a frost! It’s not going to hang around long so all greens in play are except the 4th green. There are no holes closed today but we are firing up and testing the Irrigation. Buggy’s are on the front 9 only and must stick to the paths, Trolleys are on.

What a lovely day

Forecast is for a pleasant early spring day, enjoy ! Please remember as per my update on friday that we are verti-draining greens today and it will be a little disruptive. The 14th hole will be shut until approx 11.00am and then the 10th will be closed for irrigation works. The 4th is on a temporary green whilst repairs are being carried out to the green. Buggys are only allowed on the front 9 holes and must stick to the paths. Trolleys are on

Chilly start to sunday

Its looking like another great dry day today even if we start with a slight frost this morning, all holes are on main greens except the 4th, the 14th will be closed today due to irrigation works so please play the extra hole on the 8th. Buggys are allowed on the front 9 only, please stick to the paths, Trolleys are allowed anywhere on all 18 holes, Please use the paths as much as possible.

Swinging Saturday

Its going to be a good dry day today but maybe a little cloudy so perfect for a game of golf, all holes are on main greens apart from the 4th which will remain on temporary. the 14th will be closed due to irrigation works so please use the extra hole on the practice 8th, Buggys only on the front 9 and must stick to paths at all times, trolleys are allowed on all 18 but please stick to paths as much as possible.

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