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Tactical Win in Norman Plumb Trophy against Thorndon Park

This event is often down to tactical acumen of HOME and AWAY players. The favoured option is to try and ensure a home win and grab something away. This worked well in our victory over Thorndon Park in Round 1 of this Essex GU event.

The home side battled hard against determined visitors who would not give up. This was clear as all games went to at least the 16th. The amazing putting of Steve Tall certainly deflated the opposition with countless saves and winning puts. Dogged performances by all gave us a 2-1 lead. The away team grafted hard for their points. Steve Marshall and Menashi Cohen gaining the invaluable ‘away win’ with the steady pairing of Adam Nossek/Adam Durrant gaining a ‘match securing’ half point.

Norman Plum Round 1 result

The overall result of 3½ to 2½ reflected excellent work from all players. Captain David Phillips was rightly proud of the team’s excellent result. We now head to Round 2 with a match up v Woodford.

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