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Abridge Ladies visit ELHAP

On Friday 28th June 2019 a group of ladies from Abridge Golf and Country club visited ELHAP for the grand opening of the sensory room. The room has been paid for by the ladies of a bridge raising money from their charity Golf day.

ELHAP stands for every life has a purpose. It provides adventure play for severely disabled children of all ages based in a 5 acre woodland it is the perfect safe area for severely disabled children to get the chance to play outside.

Rob Dighton the director of ELHAP was eager to explain that children live in a very sterile environment and have the need to explore the outdoors and express themselves freely. To this end the activities are child led with staff and volunteers helping the children to reach their full potential

The sensory room is an incredible building built using recycled and local materials including food from the forest area on the property. It has a piece of architectural brilliance being built in the style of an Anglo-Saxon roundhouse with a self supporting roof structure.

The room is like stepping into the story of Alice in Wonderland and the feeling inside is one of wonder to be hold. Most children nowadays spend time in front of a computer or television in the sensory area the children can stretch their imaginations and be at one with nature.

Stretching from a room which is accessible by wheelchair is a trail around the orchard forest area in which there are more sensory objects including an interesting set of mirrors, a spinning and mesmerising black-and-white chequered circle and a fire pit to sit around have stories and games or just gaze into a fire all under strict supervision.

The room has taken two years in the making but the result is exceptional. The Abridge ladies are delighted to be associated with this wonderful cause. There are very few adventure playgrounds safe for disabled children and this purpose-built area is severely lacking in funds. It desperately needs support to help it continue the fantastic work.

The Abridge ladies are pleased and proud to support ELHAP and over the past 26 years the Abridge  golfing ladies have raised over £1 million for local and national charities at their annual ladies golfing day.

Deborah Jacobs, Ladies Captain Abridge Golf Club

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