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Member’s Monthly Golf Competitions

Member’s Monthly Club Competitions

Members are invited to enter as many club competitions as possible. Friendly swindle or society golf is fun where you can relax and just play. However the game of golf is completely different when you have a scorecard in your hand and ever shot counts.

Playing competition golf also helps golfers who wants to improve their overall game. There is nothing more valuable than experience both ‘good and bad’ and this will grow after each monthly competition that you enter.

Playing in the monthly competitions and handing in marked scorecards will also keep your playing handicap current and up to date. You will also have a much better indication of where your game is positioned at that time with an active handicap.


There is no room for error in medal competition golf and it is a real test of both a players golfing ability and their mental strength. It makes you focus more on ever drive, approach shot, chip and puts. It also highlights the importance of on-course management which can save you valuable shots when executed correctly.

In medal competitions everything has to be putted out to finish each hole. Missed puts are extremely costly when every single shot counts especially as the winning margin of the competition is normally only 1 or 2 shots better that the rest of the field.

There is at least one medal competition every month at Abridge .

The medals competitions are played over the whole weekend. Members should note that you can only enter once on either Saturday or Sunday. The medal is always played off white tees and there will be no changes to the tee or the pin positions over the 2 days which should make all things equal.

The only thing we cannot control is the weather so it’s worth checking the conditions for that weekend to ensure you play on the better day and give yourself the best opportunity to score well.

The result of the monthly medal is based on the Net Score ie Gross score less full handicap.

There are 3 divisional winners for low, mid and high handicaps. There are pro shop voucher for places 1, 2 and 3 depending on number of entries on each day. All divisional winners are guaranteed a place in the Gold medal competition.


A monthly stapleford competition gives all members the chance to play competition golf with a scorecard in their hand that will add that extra bit of pressure on each shot.

However Club stableford competitions overall results will normally allow for 1 or 2 bad holes. There may be that pulled or sliced drive which will leave you playing 3 off the tee or that duffed ‘fat’ shot that runs a meter of yards from where you are standing.

In the worst case scenario you end up with a ‘blob’ on your scorecard but this will certainly not damage your chances of getting a winning score as much as a 10 on the medal scorecard.

The rules of the competition mean that players can choose to pick their ball up if they can’t score on that hole but they do have to complete the hole by putting everything out if they want to score any points. Very often these would be straight forward ‘gimme’ puts but they are rarely practiced and certainly become much harder under pressure.

There is always one stableford competition each month and they will often alternate between yellow or blue tee boxes so make sure you know the rules and your ‘non bandito’ current club handicap before you get to the 1st tee.

The medals are played on both Saturday and Sundays. Members can enter once or on both days so a bad Saturday score can be erased with a good round on Sunday.

As with the medals there will be no changes to the selected tees or the pin positions over each day but remember to check the weather.

The 2 days are separate competitions and the result is based on the best stableford score on the Saturday and then again on the Sunday. There are pro shop voucher for places 1, 2 and 3 depending on number of entries on each day.

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