Month: September 2019


Due to the new building works, the professional shop telephone number is currently down. This is the 01708688333 number. A technician from BT has been informed and we are waiting for them to sort the issue.

If you do require the professional shop for anything, please call the golf club switch board on 01708688396 and opt for Pro Shop


Morning all and I trust you have all been enjoying our Golf Course?

We have been very busy with Green’s renovations and maintaining the course, whilst, many of my staff have also been enjoying their holidays. Ben’s wedding came and went and it was really a lovely day and lovely venue! Congrats to him and his wife Sarah.

The greens have recovered very well, certainly according to 98% of you! There are still a few dry hydrophobic patches on a few greens, which we are dealing with .

Big Bad Boy

This big bad boy will be seen back out on a fairways over the next two weeks. It will scarify all fairways and approaches. Hopefully this will not cause you too much convenience? If it does , i’m sorry, but it’s a vital job to be done.

We have now planned pretty much all of our Autumn / Winter work for this coming period.

This will include the following :- Scarifying , overseeding and topdressing Tees. Rebuilding and reshaping of the 18th, 11th and possibly 1st green’s bunker complexes. Trimming back all hedgerows. Hiring of a cherry picker to trim back some of the branches on some of the taller trees in certain areas. Completion of our Buggy path around the Back nine holes so you will be able to use buggy’s and trolley’s 365 days of the year!! So plenty for us to do !

I’d like to thank the Board for their support re the Buggy Path as I’m sure many of you would?

New Perrot sprinklers on 14th Fairway installed Feb this year

Just a quick note to mention our Irrigation system !

Perrot Irrigation system working well!

It’s been an absolute blessing and 150% asset to our Golf Course and again I thank the Board of Directors for the support of this project. We can already see the massive difference its made to our course and being able to maintain things during hot spells. We are very proud and grateful of what we have got ! It puts us into a new league!

We are all confident with other projects we have planned the course is going to be even better next year !

That pretty much is it for now, sorry no Drone footage lately but its quite time consuming and there is a lot of work to do

Finally can I please ask you all to remember that it is your job to repair pitch marks and rake bunkers if you go in any! Thank you.


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