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Today is a day where a little bit of history is made at Abridge Golf Course as from this morning Buggy’s and Trolley’s will always be able to be used on ALL 18 holes, ( sticking to paths when instructed!)

A lot of time, hard work and money has been put into the paths so please use them when asked too!

So, Buggys are allowed on all 18 holes but must stick to the paths AT ALL TIMES. On the 13th please use your Buggy in the rough at all times and on the right hand side of the hole only, on the 14th hole please stick to the left hand side rough at all times.

Trolley’s must stick to the paths on holes 1-5 , unless you have winter wheels, after hole 5 you are fine at the moment to use a Trolley wherever, though its a lot easier sticking to the paths

All greens are on but the green to the left of the 8th hole is being used instead of the main 8th Green

Enjoy the History, Enjoy your Course, Enjoy your Club ………remember it’s yours !

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