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Thats the way you do it !

Dear All, I trust you are well and glad to be back playing Golf . It’s made all the hard work really worthwhile to keep getting so much positive feedback, text messages and emails from you all.

We have noticed a few of the new Ball Retrievers on the flagsticks getting bent. We think its golfers pulling the rod out rather than just lifting the top disc. Please watch the Video below and adopt this method of getting your ball out of the hole cup

On a couple of separate issues, we are noticing a lot of rubbish being left on the Course . This is not pleasant and creates a potential Health hazard to other golfers and my staff. WE will not pick your litter up. Please put it in your pockets and take it home with you

Secondly we know the rough is long at the moment and we will get on top of it next week.

Thank you for your patience. I hope you are bringing your friends up to play and continue to enjoy your Golf Course

Stay safe Play safe


Geoff Course Manager

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