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Hi all, I hope you are all safe and enjoying your Golf Course?

We have been working hard to keep bringing the quality of the surfaces to high standard. I have only heard positive good reports so hopefully we are doing ok !

A few weeks ago I said a few weeks ago I would update you on the Drainage works planned for July, so here we go !

Next week we will complete the Primary drainage on the 4th hole. The tees will move forward approx. 150 yards so we can work safely while you enjoy your golf.

The following week we intend to finish the 5th hole and this hole will be closed whilst we work and the winter green next to the 8th will be used as a par 3.

The last two weeks of July we intend to install mains and primary drains into the 3rd,6th and the 2nd hole

I will do my best to keep you informed via teamup and the proshop the days any holes are closed.

We appreciate this will cause some disruption but hopefully you will understand that we all want to get the drainage completed on the front 9 holes ready for the winter.

During August we will then commence installing the secondary drainage which is a lot less disruptive.

Secondary Drainage

The work in July is very labour intensive and will take up to five of my staff at times to install the drainage. Owing to this it has been decided by Lol Green, Roger Jefferies, Jack our professional and myself that we will not reinstate the bunkers until early August.

Therefore ALL bunkers should be treated as GUR and the appropriate rule shall apply.

We have consulted with the English and Essex Golf unions that qualifying competitions can still be introduced from July, as one of the Covid 19 options, is to leave all bunkers as GUR.

I hope you continue to enjoy your golf , please support Tina and Paddy as they open a limited clubhouse and if you are asked to do or not do something by them or their staff please respect that .Finally please stick to the social distancing rules at all times to keep us all safe.

Enjoy Course Enjoy your Course…….. It’s yours remember!

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