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Well it had been a glorious summer until the last 14 days, its been frustrating but some well needed rain but not the strong winds!

Hopefully you have all enjoyed your golf Course since coming back from May 11th.

On the subject of rain I am very pleased to announce that we will be installing fairway irrigation on the 12th and 13th holes late October. MJ Abbotts and Perrot will return and it means we will now have ALL main playing surfaces irrigated.

I’m also pleased to confirm that even though the secondary drainage is not yet installed the mains and primary drains are working well as you can see from the video below.

Happy days !

The next 4-6 weeks brings lots of work for my team over and above normal maintenance . Let’s hope the recent very wet weather will give way to some dry warm sunshine to assist us. Sometimes I appreciate it can be frustrating when we do important renovations work but, as hopefully you are very aware, this is essential to maintain the high quality of the surfaces. Please be understanding and supportive whilst we do this work. Below are a few short paragraphs on what we will be doing.Apologies if some of you have seen the videos before but some of our new members may not have and be unaware of why and how we do things on the course ?

Next Tuesday ( 1st Sep) we will be hollow coring the greens.

Hollow Coring Greens
Clearing up after hollow Coring

Followed by a verti-cut, heavy sanding and then a nice granular fertiliser to speed up recovery. This is essential !

sanding greens
After Renovations work done

Many clubs have already done their ‘main’ green’s renovations this month but we have tried to hold off for as long as possible, but it needs to be done. It will take approx 7-10 days for full recovery if the weather is kind !

This week we will also start scarifying fairways and approaches

Scarifying Fairways

It will take a few weeks to complete all of the fairways and approaches.

Once this is done we need to verti- drain the front 9 fairways. The video below if you have not seen it before will explain what the verti- drain does

Verti- Draining and why

The Verti-drain will also assist us in installing the ‘Secondary ‘ Drainage on the front 9 holes by creating holes in the soil to assist and hopefully limit any ‘heave’ with the drainage machine.

By late September we will hopefully have also scarified tees. Both tees and approaches will receive a top dressing, over seed where necessary and a granular feed

If it all goes to plan (fingers crossed and weather kind!) we will commence the secondary drainage install in October

Thank you to Sheltons our Drainage machinery supplier for the above video

Phew!!! So as you can see we are going to be busy ! I appreciate disruption can be frustrating but I and my team have ALWAYS been committed to continue to take the golf Course up to higher standards and therefore, to do this, all of this work is essential. I therefore ask for your patience and understanding whilst we carry out this work.

We also have to carry out all our normal jobs at this time of year and continue to fill in the bunkers where agreed.

8th Hole at abridge golf club
Auto sprinklers at abridge golf club

Abridge in the last 3-4 years has invested heavily in your golf course with top of the range Perrot Irrigation, buggy paths around the whole course and now the commitment from the directors to drain all 18 holes over the next few years. We have a brand new clubhouse and great catering from Tina and Paddy and their staff plus a great Professional Golf Services set up with Jack Winer our head Pro and his team. I ask you to do your bit and pick up your litter, repair your pitch marks, take a divot bag when asked and support your Golf Club and its facilities.

Enjoy your Golf Enjoy your Course………..Remember it’s yours !!

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