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Who will be champ !

As you all know its the Club Championships this coming weekend, its very difficult to produce June conditions on the course but we are trying our best and I am sure people will appreciate how difficult this year has been.

On behalf of the Greenstaff I would like to wish all of you that are playing a successful Championships this weekend, the weather is meant to be dry but a little chilly. Good Luck !

Irrigation will be installed on the 12th and 13th fairways

I am pleased to inform you that the Irrigation works on the 12th and 13th Fairways will commence on Monday. This means that over the next two weeks one of these holes will be closed certain days while the work is carried out. The practice green next to the 8th hole will be used, as before, as a par 3 to make the course still 18 holes.

Hopefully the works will not cause too much disruption to your Golf and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time?

All course renovations are now done, but its still to dry to start the installation of the secondary drainage on the fairways yet. We will therefore carry on filling in the bunkers that have been deemed GUR.

Crane fly

You will have noticed lots of these horrible things. These Crane flys are what lay the ‘leatherjackets’ that cause us so much grief on greens and other surfaces. These are not unique to Abridge Golf Club !!! We have nothing ‘legal’ anymore that we can spray that works aswell as the banned chemical but we are trying various methods this year to try to eradicate the problem. One of these methods we need to try in the next two weeks on the greens and I will update you once I know we have the right conditions to carry this method out

Leatherjacket grub

That’s it for now, please check with Pro shop which and when a holre is closed for the Irrigation works

Let’s hope the sun shines all weekend on the Champion !


Enjoy your Club Enjoy your Course ………….Remember it’s yours


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