Month: October 2020

Whats happening ?

Lot’s going on at your Course at the moment so I thought you might appreciate an update?

After in excess of 120mm of rain the last few weeks the Mains and Primary drainage are working well. We are now installing the secondary drainage over the next few weeks if conditions allow us.

Installing Secondary Drainage

Hopefully the video above explained things. ( sorry about the spelling error real wheel should have said rear wheel!) Once a fairway is complete we then need to verti-drain the surface again which will level out the humps and bumps.

How a Lytag line should look once installed

The surface water then needs to ‘educate’ itself to find the drain lines as the quickest route away. It’s like a capillary action once it finds the quickest route the drains will work even better.

I apologise for the surface mess ( muddy water from tyre marks) that we are leaving, but the job has to be done when the ground is soft otherwise the heave on the surface would be too much. It will all tidy up and ‘knit’ together

YET AGAIN! I have to ask people to please repair not just their own but ANY pitchmarks you see on the greens please .

It won’t be mine or my staff’s fault if we go into winter with lots of pitchmark scars on the greens! I have posted this video once more to show you how to correctly repair a pitchmark. Please take some responsibility!

As the Winter approaches, as in previous years, we are changing the colour of the flags for better vision during the darker months. So please note







Traffic management is essential during the wet periods. The ropes and posts are not put out to be awkward they are put out to protect YOUR GOLF COURSE . Please please do not remove them or ignore them.

On a positive thank you to all of you that have been using Buggy’s and sticking to the paths . It’s very much appreciated. Also thank you those who have the coloured flags that are using the 90 degree rule and not taking buggy’s passed the blue blocks. Hopefully we can continue to let you use the 90 degree rule for a while yet.

As you can see from the picture below the levelling of the Driving range tee is progressing well. It should be ready for turfing in the next couple of weeks

Driving range tee

Well I apologise for the long Course update but I needed to inform you of lots of things going on at your Course.

Enjoy your Course, enjoy your Club ……………….it’s yours remember!


Course Manager

Mission completed

Well I am pleased to announce that we have finished the final bits of Irrigation and this now means ALL fairways are fully irrigated.

12th and 13th Fairways

Thanks to MJ ABBOTT and PERROT for their continued help and support.

We have a busy couple of weeks ahead with the work starting on the Driving Range form Tuesday (weather permitting) and we will also commence installing the secondary drainage on the front 9 fairways.

Regarding the drainage installation we do not envisage having to close any holes during this work, but please be patient and understanding if you have a tractor working on a hole you are playing.

Owing to the wet conditions we have had to pause the filling in of certain bunkers as it was becoming to wet to use the machinery needed

Regarding Buggy’s, owing to the very wet weather we have had to the start of October they are presently only allowed to be used on the buggy paths at ALL TIMES. Please respect this instruction.

Finally PITCH MARKS are still bad , can you all please make an effort to repair not only your pitch mark but any others you may see ! They are YOUR greens , please take care of them!

Enjoy your Course, Enjoy your Club……………Remember it’s yours

Further Improvements

Good morning all, I hope those that played in the club Championships enjoyed themselves and the Course.

Firstly one massive moan and request please . The amount of pitch mark’s is awful at the moment. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you see a pitchmark repair it . If you can repair 3-4 each green we won’t have a problem. They do some awful damage to the grass structure that going into Winter will not be good! So please repair your’s or other pitch mark’s you see. Below is a video of how to properly repair a pitch mark.

How to repair a pitch mark

OK onto some good news! I am excited and pleased to announce that the Board of Directors and Jack our great Head Pro have agreed to invest in the rebuilding of the Driving Range Tees.

This will involve levelling up the Tee and extending it another 50% to the left. The result being a larger one tier practice Tee enabling much more use for you Golfers and easier for us to repair and maintain the surface.


Its an example of further development of our Course which I know the board and myself are keen to continue so we keep enhancing your enjoyment of Abridge Golf Course

From next week we will be closing the Range tee while the works are carried out, but you will still be able to hit balls from either the bottom of the Range or a separate grass area near Jack’s coaching hut. The work will take a few weeks , weather permitting, and the main tee will not re-open until the spring allowing the new turf to ‘knit in’ properly. I am sure you will agree whilst a little inconvenient for a few months the work will be worth it.

Other news, is that the Irrigation is progressing well and we hope to be finished by next Friday. The following week we will be starting the Secondary Drainage. We have also recommenced the bunker filling in work.

Thanks again for all your support

Enjoy your Course Enjoy your Club………….it’s your’s remember !

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