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Further Improvements

Good morning all, I hope those that played in the club Championships enjoyed themselves and the Course.

Firstly one massive moan and request please . The amount of pitch mark’s is awful at the moment. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you see a pitchmark repair it . If you can repair 3-4 each green we won’t have a problem. They do some awful damage to the grass structure that going into Winter will not be good! So please repair your’s or other pitch mark’s you see. Below is a video of how to properly repair a pitch mark.

How to repair a pitch mark

OK onto some good news! I am excited and pleased to announce that the Board of Directors and Jack our great Head Pro have agreed to invest in the rebuilding of the Driving Range Tees.

This will involve levelling up the Tee and extending it another 50% to the left. The result being a larger one tier practice Tee enabling much more use for you Golfers and easier for us to repair and maintain the surface.


Its an example of further development of our Course which I know the board and myself are keen to continue so we keep enhancing your enjoyment of Abridge Golf Course

From next week we will be closing the Range tee while the works are carried out, but you will still be able to hit balls from either the bottom of the Range or a separate grass area near Jack’s coaching hut. The work will take a few weeks , weather permitting, and the main tee will not re-open until the spring allowing the new turf to ‘knit in’ properly. I am sure you will agree whilst a little inconvenient for a few months the work will be worth it.

Other news, is that the Irrigation is progressing well and we hope to be finished by next Friday. The following week we will be starting the Secondary Drainage. We have also recommenced the bunker filling in work.

Thanks again for all your support

Enjoy your Course Enjoy your Club………….it’s your’s remember !

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