Month: October 2021


Well as I’m sure you see we have been busy out on the Course. As promised I said I would give you an update on Course works and a revised schedule

The rain we had Saturday and then the horrendous rain we had Tuesday morning has caused havoc I’m sure you will imagine. Any of you that tried to go through Abridge Village would have seen the 3 foot of water on the roads and the fields below us are well and truly flooded!

The good news is is that the Course has held up incredibly well. All greens were back on by 10.00 am Tuesday morning and those Golfers that went and played reported the drainage that we have installed on certain holes to be working really well.

The 4th pond thats been resealed also has enjoyed the rain and is filling nicely!

The 1st and 13th Greens that have had drainage installed are draining brilliantly and I am pleased to let you know that these are back in use. The rain has disturbed the sand in the lines a little but this should settle again with a bit of dry weather .

Sadly with so much rain so quickly we have a few issues to sort out!

Diverted water on the 4th fairway

The Irrigation lake is looking great , unfortunately its not finished yet to start filling too much so to stop the ‘run off’ going into the lake they have had to redirect this onto the 3rd fairway! The 4th pond also is not ready yet to fill to the top so the flow from the drainage and Clubhouse also had to be diverted away from the 4th pond and onto the 4th fairway.

These were the reasons we had to close the four holes yesterday as it was too slippery everywhere.

Some of you may have also noticed that some of the hard work my staff had done with the drainage works on the 7th, 8th and 11th holes has been washed away by yesterday’s deluge. So we have had to spend yesterday and today reinstating some of the works. This means that we have not had time to get Bunkers back in play yet but will as soon as we can.

You will also have noticed that a few areas of the paths have been damaged by the heavy rain. We will get to repair them in the next couple of weeks but presently we have the cherry picker on hire,(which is not cheap!) and we need to concentrate on the tree work. Until we can get to the paths please take extreme care when using them.

The deluge of rain has also made areas very soft especially behind the 2nd green. It has been decided between us and the Contractor that it will make far far too much mess if they attempt to re-configure the pond and mound the back of the 2nd green up next week. They have agreed to come back mid July next year and do it then when ground conditions would be much better and we can get the repair works done and recovered much quicker . I am sure you all agree with this decision ?

They will be however finishing off the 4th pond and the filling in of the 3rd small pond on the left of the fairway next week.

For health and safety reasons we will have the first four holes closed on Monday to Wednesday inclusive next week (11th -13th Oct), as large machines will be crossing over these holes to carry out the works needed to be finished and also we will be carrying out tree work with the cherry picker and other works on these 4 holes. If things go to plan the holes will re-open on Thursday morning.

Thank you all again for your patience and support


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