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Benton Hall Golf Club V Abridge, Jubilee Cup match report.

Our efforts at Benton Hall Golf Club were not quiet enough to avoid defeat & gain qualification (6-3). The ‘Singles’ were in for a tough time with local knowledge key. The hosts were not prolific but kept the ball straight and simple. A great fight back by Darren May was the solitary point won in this section.

The ‘Pairs’ once again continued to demonstrate the strength of our side with two commanding wins from Steve Golding & Austin Posner, Tom Goodey & Phil Harris. Mick Collins and Steve Tall were left to play what was an effective dead rubber with pride at stake.

Dave Phillips, Captain felt that much had been gained from this season, progress and improvement, building of a system that players have ‘bought in to’ and a strengthening team ethic. The depth of selection has been considerable with those selected not letting themselves, the team or club down. A big thanks & well done!  to all for the massive commitment, effort and support over the last few months

Our attention now focuses upon the Norman Plumb Trophy. We play Harwich & Dovercourt, passports at the ready! Always an interesting competition with 3 pairs home and away in two different parts of the county at the same time! 

Mardyke Valley Golf Club V Abridge Golf Club, Match report

This was a match of some significance after our last outing at Crondon Park. It was vital that we gained a result to provide any chance of qualifying for the knockout stages. In a tightly fought encounter, the matches retained interest late into their rounds. The engagement from our players was obvious. It is clear to see that with each round players are more streetwise and understanding of the job required. Sometimes playing well is not the answer! Playing winning golf when you’re not, that is the challenge!

The first sign of what was to come arrived with an uncertain ½ point from Lewis Diamant, who had been down all of the match, seizing a chance on that last hole to grab a half. Darren May and ‘Captain Dave’ also returned strong wins and points for the side.

The focus moved to the pairs, interest was clear by the number of players and officials watching! This group delivered what was hoped from them displaying true battling qualities and bringing home invaluable and match winning points from all 3 games.

The next and final round of games sees the team off to Benton Hall. We will access the position and establish what we need to achieve to progress out of the group stage. In the meantime, may we all bask in the success achieved today and reflect on a job well done!

Abridge Golf Club V Woodford Golf Club Norman Plumb match report

This result was a strong win for Abridge. With many players unavailable for selection due to a range of commitments, it was down to the depth of talent within the club. It is with great pride to know that we can call upon players who can represent the club and themselves with aplomb. The away side had a tricky test at Woodford Golf Club, with its quirks and hard running fairways.

We were up to the exacting challenge!. An “away win” combined with a must have “home win” provides the perfect recipe for success. Confident and reliable home course players set a solid foundation with 2-1 win and the away group yielded a further 2-1 win, giving us a resolute 4-2 overall result.

The Captain was so pleased with the team’s performance it was “drinks all-round” at both venues. A Much appreciated gesture by the boys. Thanks Skipper!!

Tactical Win in Norman Plumb Trophy against Thorndon Park

This event is often down to tactical acumen of HOME and AWAY players. The favoured option is to try and ensure a home win and grab something away. This worked well in our victory over Thorndon Park in Round 1 of this Essex GU event.

The home side battled hard against determined visitors who would not give up. This was clear as all games went to at least the 16th. The amazing putting of Steve Tall certainly deflated the opposition with countless saves and winning puts. Dogged performances by all gave us a 2-1 lead. The away team grafted hard for their points. Steve Marshall and Menashi Cohen gaining the invaluable ‘away win’ with the steady pairing of Adam Nossek/Adam Durrant gaining a ‘match securing’ half point.

Norman Plum Round 1 result

The overall result of 3½ to 2½ reflected excellent work from all players. Captain David Phillips was rightly proud of the team’s excellent result. We now head to Round 2 with a match up v Woodford.

Crondon Park Golf Club Jubilee Cup Away result.

Abridge Golf Club approached this fixture in confident mood after our first win of the season. In the Jubilee Cup it’s essential to win your Home matches and steal something in the Away ties. Unfortunately for Abridge, Crondon Park followed this script in robust fashion! The early holes suggested a close contest. At the turn the situation was balanced evenly. However, our hosts then applied the home advantage and steamrollered us in a whitewash victory of 9-0. Crondon have a strong history and reputation in this event. This was certainly a steep learning curve for our side, playing away demands the utmost if anything is to be gained. We were simply beaten by a very strong, well-practiced team.

We look forward to our next encounter at Home 26th May with Mardyke. Finally we all hope that golf weather establishes itself as its been pretty cold standing on the side-lines watching!! To keep upto date with this excellent tournament click JUBILEE CUP

Ladies’ Open 2019 – Limited Space Left

Abridge Golf club are hosting the Ladies’ Open on 7th August this year. Entry forms are available in the club house, or you can call the office on 01708 688396 to register your interest.

The cost of entry is £75 for the pair and the forms needs to be submitted by the 26th July to secure you place.

The day will consist of tea/coffee and pastries with on arrival. Then full 18 holes four ball better ball format.

Where each golfer hits her own ball throughout the round but after each hole, only the best score amongst the pair is recorded and counts as the score for the team for that hole using the stableford scoring system.

We will then finish off with a two course buffet lunch and prize giving. We have some fabulous prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd along with nearest to the pins and longest drive.

What are you waiting for? Register today and come join us for what will be a fun filled day.

Seniors Golf Season starts with a visit to Stapleford Abbotts

We are pleased to have started yet another Seniors Golf Season with a visit to Stapleford Abbotts on Thursday 21 March. Despite having what we felt was a powerful team the result didn’t quite live up to our expectations, and as our Captain for the day, Roger, stated in his speech, we are still a ‘work in progress’. Bit like the redevelopment of Abridge which we are sure will bring a much better result than we achieved.

We sincerely hope that this season brings further tales of gallantry in battle against tremendous odds, while fighting for Abridges’ good name around the area.

We are very happy to confirm that our match at Stapleford Abbotts did not start like last year, with our Seniors colleague severely injuring his finger while putting up his trolley.  Despite the medical ministrations of Vince Allen, who produced Black Duck Tape to staunch the blood flow in ‘VEIN’. In true tradition though, Barry played stoically in his match. 

As usual we can’t remember whether he won or lost, but as all losers say, ‘it is the taking part which matters, not the result’.

Unfortunately we will never get a repeat of Menashy Cohen heroically flying in from India, with his trolley battery in his luggage, and explaining why to the Indian Customs Authorities. Despite this he came straight to the course, to play in an away match at Potters Bar. In pouring rain he played so well that we won the match well before the end of the 18 holes, and were fortunate enough to be able to walk in saving us from further drowning.

This will never happen again because, not long after our teams’ heroics, Potters Bar sadly closed down, so there will be no repeat this year. Despite this, our hero’s efforts will never be forgotten.

We have not yet replaced Potters Bar on our schedule, so there will be two less games this season, unless we can find another venue suitable to us all. This clearly does not mean the most difficult course we can find, and, in fact the easier the better would be great.

It seems to us that every match is just a fun day, particularly as we never note down the results. Even if we had written them down we probably would have lost them by now, and we certainly can’t remember them.

So we welcome our regulars and new participants to take part by either informing Barry or putting their names on the list in the changing room, presuming that you can still find the changing room?

Abridge Seniors Golf Team
Abridge Golf Senior Team 2019

We also look forward to guests enjoying our new clubhouse and playing on our excellent golf course.

The Seniors Organisors.

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Ballards Gore Golf Club Jubilee Cup Report

Ballards Gore Golf Club travelled to us for an early start to the season saw the Teams play in all four seasons! Two evenly matched sides battled hard and had to dig deep in difficult conditions. At the turn, the singles matches looked to be evenly balanced at 3 games up & 3 down. These matches finished 2 wins, 2 loses and 2 halved. Some tremendous finishes down the last from the top two matches with Adam Nossek & Lewis Shurlin producing battling halves. Darren May and Warren Whiteman were beaten by opponents who took a liking to our course. Andrew Durrant & skipper David Phillips then added strong wins to help the “goal difference” with 2&1 and 8&6 respectively.

Over to the pairs who were naturally some way back in the timescale of the afternoon! Abridge maintained dominance through these games with early leads that were built upon gradually. ‘Birthday Boy’ Spencer Fenton & Eitan Fox opened with a 3&2 win, followed by Menashy Cohen & Jonathan Lewis who secured the winning point with a convincing 4&2 victory. With the light dwindling rapidly, the two Stephens…..Golding & Tall closed out for a half point on 18th.

Abridge Golf Club V Ballards Gore Golf Club – Jubilee Cup 2019

Final Score 5 ⅟2 -3 ⅟2. A valuable home win, always essential in Jubilee Cup. Next up AWAY to Crondon Park, a tough challenge against a seasoned & experienced Jubilee side. By then it may have warmed up, but in the mean time we can bask in current success and reflect upon a good job done in the right spirit.

Congratulations to our new President, Steve Action

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the Board have unanimously decided to honour Stephen Acton with the title of President of Abridge Golf Club. This position is in recognition of all the hours and days of voluntary hard work he has performed for decades for the benefit of Abridge.

I probably know more than most how much work he has done. Having been a member of Abridge for 55 years and served with him on the Board over 17 years ago, I have seen first-hand his tireless efforts. Most of you are probably aware of his recent help with the sale and leaseback deal. That is just one of the many mammoth tasks he has undertaken, along with writing and re-writing the constitution and always being on hand to answer any legally related questions for the Club.

We hope this title brings Stephen gratification and kudos, and we also intend to provide him with a coveted parking space.

With the probable demise of the London League in its current format Abridge intends to host a day for our sister clubs and we will play for the Stephen Acton Trophy.

I am sure you will agree this is a much-deserved honour and please join with me and the Board in wishing him many years of happiness, joy and success as President of Abridge.

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Fantastic new buggy paths

Dear Lol

Re: Buggy Paths

I congratulate Jeff and his team and yourself on the fine and quick installation of the paths.  I can see multi benefits of having them.  I out-line my views as follows: –


1.    The Course will benefit greatly by reducing Wear and Tear especially during the Winter months.

2.    Buggies can be used twelve months of the year.  At the moment, any Buggy user can play the front line twice providing they get a second start time.

3.    The current 10 club Buggies can be used 12 months of the year instead of being laid up from November to March, therefor not generating any income to pay their rental charges

4.    In due course Abridge will develop its standing to a club that can be played all the year round for Buggies and Electronic Trolleys and even Walkers in a comfortable environment (no wet feet or trousers)

5.    From my own experience I have not found it any hardship to walk and play the 90º rule, play is no longer than normal. 4 Ball Times.

Finally, I would urge you to proceed with the back Nine as a matter of urgency so that we can all benefit from the Points outlined.

Once again well done, everyone keep up the good work.

Best Regards

Alan Hopson

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