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Club House Honours Board Competitions

There are a number of Honours Boards competitions at Abridge Golf Club. Also know as Gold Letter (although ours are black). For club members getting your name on one or more of the clubhouse boards is a chance to become part of Abridge club history and consequently elevate their golfing status, a very proud achievement if you’ve managed to do it.

The history of the club dates back to September 1963. The original club competitions were named after and in honour of the first board of directors.

The format of these competitions have remained virtually the same since that time. The names of all previous winners have been recorded on the honour boards in the clubhouse. Competition golf brings its own unique pressures. However, in order to create your own ‘gold letter’ place in Abridge history, then you’ll need to be in it to win it. Our handy guide on how do I enter club competitions

The current gold letter Club competitions that are held over the spring and summer months are listed below :

GOLD MEDAL – White Tees

All monthly medal winners from each of the 3 handicap divisions qualify to play in the final round. This is played towards the end of the summer to crown the Champion of Champions.

The result is based on the best Net score playing off full handicaps.


This is presented to the overall Gross Winner of the Club Championships.


Format: Based on accumulative competition scores over the year.

The winner is calculated on the total of the best 6 scores of any medal/stroke play competition.

This includes monthly medals, Committee Vase, Sponsors Trophy and a maximum of 2 Club Competitions. 


A knockout match play competition played over the summer – There are no handicaps and therefore it will be for the low handicappers.


This is a medal competition played over 2 weekends.

After the 1st round the top 20 qualify to play in the final round.

The result is based on the best Net score off full handicaps

JACK STONE – White Tees

This a knock out match play competition played off full handicaps.

Prior to the 1st round draw, there is a preliminary qualifying stableford round. The top scoring 32 players go into the draw for the knockout matchplay competition. 

The final is also match play and played over 36 holes.

Note: named after an original founder member


Format: A medal competition played of full handicaps 

It is run over a weekend and can be played on either Saturday or Sunday. This is a major competition that qualifies for the Merit Cup.


Format: A better ball pairs stableford competition played off the white tees.

Qualification takes place over 1 weekend and the top 32 pairs are entered into a knock out match play competition

The number of shots are calculated as 90% of the difference from the lowest handicap.

JOHN RUEBEN – White Tees

Format: Pairs greensomes stableford competition 

Both players take their own tee shot and then take alternative shots.

3/8 of combined full handicaps

Note: named after a former president of the club.


Every year there is a Captains prize day at Abridge.

This is a stableford competition played off full handicaps.

There are prizes for the overall best score and the 3 handicap divisions.

ALEC BOURNE – White Tees

Format: Stableford Competition off full handicaps

It is run over a weekend and can be played on either Saturday or Sunday

Note: named after an original founder member


Format: This is a knock out match play competition

£10 entry and a prize pot of £100 for the winner.

SOCIETY CUP – White Tees

Format : A bogey match play competition played against the course off full handicaps. The players score on each hole will be based on the net par score after handicaps.


Format: Stableford Competition off full handicaps

It is run over a weekend and can be played on either Saturday or Sunday

Note: named after an original founder member


Format : Full handicap stableford competition 

Played on a Sunday and open to all 7 day members.

Note: named after a former board member that ran the club competitions.


Format: A match play knock out competition for high handicap 22+ members 

Each match is played off full handicaps.

Note: named after a former member.

VETERANS CUP – Yellow Tees

Format : A Stapleford competition for those members over 65 off full handicaps.


Format: A pairs stableford competition played off the white tees.

Alternate shots. The team handicap is calculated as the average of both players full handicaps.

FAMILY FOURSOMES – (Yellow and Red Tees)

Format: A family relation pairs stableford competition.

Men play off yellow tees and Women from the red tees.

Alternate shots. The team handicap is calculated as the average of both players full handicaps.


  1. These competitions are always played over the weekend on Saturday and/or Sunday.
  2. Members will require an active club handicap to enter any competition.

Please contact the club office for more information about any of these competitions or to speak to a member of the club’s competition committee.

Abridge Club Championships 2019

Lee Oliver – Abridge Club Champion 2019 with Club Captain Gary Bronziet and Lol Green

The Abridge Club Championships for 2019 were played on the last weekend in June. The 78 strong field were split into 3 divisions:

Division One : Handicaps 0 – 6

Division Two : Handicaps 7 – 14

Division Three : Handicaps 15-24

Divisions One and Two started their rounds from the 1st tee. Division 3 started their round from the 10th followed by the ladies.

Nothing could be won on Day 1 but those who scored well would put themselves in pole position for Day 2.

On Sunday morning the field played in reverse order after the Day 1 gross score results. The leaders went out in the last groups of their respect divisions.

Mens Champion: Lee Oliver

Congratulations to Lee Oliver (pictured above) who shot a brilliant 2 under par gross 70 on Saturday and then a very steady 76 on Sunday.

Lee ending up winning by 3 shots to become the 2019 Abridge Champion Golfer.

Ladies Club Champion: Fredricka Sebardt

Congratulations also goes to Fredricka Sebardt who held her nerve on Sunday to become our 2019 Abridge Ladies Champion.

The course was in perfect condition and set up to test the field.

A special thank you to our green staff for getting the course into such excellent condition. We had the traditional diamond fairways and greens that were true and really quick.

We would also like to thank Lol Green for all his hard work to organise the event. Lol strategically placing the pins in equally difficult but different positions on both days .

Lol Green stocking the beer buggies
Lol Green stocking up the beer buggy for the club championship

He also made sure that most holes played to their full length from the white tees. Occasionally he pushed them forward (7th hole) to tempt the big hitters to attack the green from the tee.

A final thank you must go to all of the kitchen/bar staff, marshalls and the countless other volunteers that helped over the weekend.

Awards and Pro Shop voucher prizes

The overall club champion would be the player with lowest gross score over the 2 rounds. This was always going to come from Division One.

Prizes were awarded for places 1st – 4th in each of the 3 divisions for the lowest gross score over the 2 days.

There were also prizes for places 1st – 4th for the lowest net score on Day 2. This meant that those players that had a bad first round could still end up with honours on the Sunday.

The final leaderboard board :

Member’s Monthly Golf Competitions

Member’s Monthly Club Competitions

Members are invited to enter as many club competitions as possible. Friendly swindle or society golf is fun where you can relax and just play. However the game of golf is completely different when you have a scorecard in your hand and ever shot counts.

Playing competition golf also helps golfers who wants to improve their overall game. There is nothing more valuable than experience both ‘good and bad’ and this will grow after each monthly competition that you enter.

Playing in the monthly competitions and handing in marked scorecards will also keep your playing handicap current and up to date. You will also have a much better indication of where your game is positioned at that time with an active handicap.


There is no room for error in medal competition golf and it is a real test of both a players golfing ability and their mental strength. It makes you focus more on ever drive, approach shot, chip and puts. It also highlights the importance of on-course management which can save you valuable shots when executed correctly.

In medal competitions everything has to be putted out to finish each hole. Missed puts are extremely costly when every single shot counts especially as the winning margin of the competition is normally only 1 or 2 shots better that the rest of the field.

There is at least one medal competition every month at Abridge .

The medals competitions are played over the whole weekend. Members should note that you can only enter once on either Saturday or Sunday. The medal is always played off white tees and there will be no changes to the tee or the pin positions over the 2 days which should make all things equal.

The only thing we cannot control is the weather so it’s worth checking the conditions for that weekend to ensure you play on the better day and give yourself the best opportunity to score well.

The result of the monthly medal is based on the Net Score ie Gross score less full handicap.

There are 3 divisional winners for low, mid and high handicaps. There are pro shop voucher for places 1, 2 and 3 depending on number of entries on each day. All divisional winners are guaranteed a place in the Gold medal competition.


A monthly stapleford competition gives all members the chance to play competition golf with a scorecard in their hand that will add that extra bit of pressure on each shot.

However Club stableford competitions overall results will normally allow for 1 or 2 bad holes. There may be that pulled or sliced drive which will leave you playing 3 off the tee or that duffed ‘fat’ shot that runs a meter of yards from where you are standing.

In the worst case scenario you end up with a ‘blob’ on your scorecard but this will certainly not damage your chances of getting a winning score as much as a 10 on the medal scorecard.

The rules of the competition mean that players can choose to pick their ball up if they can’t score on that hole but they do have to complete the hole by putting everything out if they want to score any points. Very often these would be straight forward ‘gimme’ puts but they are rarely practiced and certainly become much harder under pressure.

There is always one stableford competition each month and they will often alternate between yellow or blue tee boxes so make sure you know the rules and your ‘non bandito’ current club handicap before you get to the 1st tee.

The medals are played on both Saturday and Sundays. Members can enter once or on both days so a bad Saturday score can be erased with a good round on Sunday.

As with the medals there will be no changes to the selected tees or the pin positions over each day but remember to check the weather.

The 2 days are separate competitions and the result is based on the best stableford score on the Saturday and then again on the Sunday. There are pro shop voucher for places 1, 2 and 3 depending on number of entries on each day.

The benefits of Twilight Golf.

Twilight Golf
Twilight Golf membership

The main benefits of twilight golf is that it is played at the end of the day before it gets dark when you have the course to yourself. The aim is to play as many holes as possible before you can’t see the ball anymore. 

Most golf clubs will offer Twilight Golf tee times with discounted green fees throughout the year. A buggy would normally be included in the green fees (weather permitting) to speed up play.

Sometimes it’s a quick 9 holes, it might stretch to 13 or 14. Very rarely will it be more than 18 holes.

The 2019 golf season is almost upon us and traditionally golf club members will book morning tee times. This means that many clubs will have restrictions for non-members at these times.  

The clocks go forward at the end of March and therefore the days will get increasingly longer. As a result, the golf courses will then get busier in the early afternoon with members, visitors and societies.

These weekday morning/mid-afternoon tee times are probably not feasible for most golfers. The majority will need to go to work or have families and other commitments taking place during the day.

But what about arranging you game later in the day when it’s time for Twilight golf   

Benefits of Twilight Golf

  • The courses are quieter 
  • The weather is warmer 
  • The green fees are cheaper
  • The pace of the game will be quicker 
  • The better golfers will be practising on the course.

Twilight golf is therefore not just great value but offers the opportunity to play some quality golf before the end of the day.

Here are a few helpful hints to make the most out of your Twilight Golf round

  • It’s might be a rush to get to the course but ensure you are ready at least 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled tee time.
  • Use the yellow (forward) tees to shorten the length of the course.
  • Book a buggy and have some fun – you will get around the course much quicker.
  • Utilise the new 2019 Rules of Golf to help speed up the game especially regarding lost balls and take a penalty drop – If in doubt, always play a provisional ball.
  • Consider extending the lengths of the ‘gimme’ puts and allow holes to be halved when both players are in and around the pin.
  • If the course is quiet then you may be able to skip from hole to hole or miss out some holes altogether to play through any slower groups.

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Our Junior Golf sessions are aimed at being fun and engaging!

Junior Golf Lessons on Saturday Morning.
Junior Golf Lessons on Saturday Morning.

“I highly recommend Jack and the golf lessons at Abridge Golf Course.”

My son is 8 years old and is generally pretty shy and doesn’t like trying new things so i wasn’t sure how he’d take to golf.
I decided to introduce him to Jack a year ago as one of his friends had taken it up which made it a little easier to introduce him. So far he absolutely loves it, and can’t seem to get enough! 
He started off a little nervous and shy but thanks to Jack’s brilliant care, knowledge, attention to detail and fun sessions he’s come on in leaps and bounds. Jack really is brilliant with all the kids, and Gabriel cannot wait to get back to playing every Saturday!
Once the half term course started he was first in line to sign up for the week and i can see how much he has improved along with his general attitude towards the game.
I highly recommend Jack and the golf lessons at Abridge Golf Course.

“All the children felt like winners on the last days ceremony.”

My children attended Jack’s February half term golf camp. Jack always greets the children with a warm welcome and makes them feel comfortable and at ease whatever their ability/level of play is.
Jack has an ability to look after many children and teaches them with a fun approach which they all thoroughly enjoy.
All the children felt like winners on the last days ceremony.

“The fun factor you also put in place is excellent”

I just wanted to thank you personally for the half term golf course that you ran, to take your time away from your clients to do this for the children was amazing, your attention to detail and the skills that you have shown them was brilliant.  
Samuel has now been with you for a while now and I have seen his development improve 100% not just in his golf playing but also his attitude towards the the game of golf which only you have installed into him and for that I thank you. The fun factor you also put in place is excellent,  I was not able to make the presentation on the last day but for Samuel to call me and say he was awarded a trophy made his week I feel the smile on his face through the telephone.  It has encouraged him to work harder at his game and every moment that he has he is swinging his clubs either at the local driving range or in the garden.  I would like to thank you and Abridge Golf and Country Club again for putting on your Saturday lessons and half term course and would highly recommend yourself to anyone who wishes to take up the sport.

If you want to find out more about junior golf lessons or book your child in for a group lesson, go to our Junior Golf Group lesson page.

Junior Golf Group Lessons

Every Saturday morning the practice areas at Abridge are filled with the next generation of young golfers. They are taking part in the Junior Golf Group Lessons with PGA Professional Jack Winer. 

The emphasis is on fun through all sports

Jack explains that the junior group lessons for the 4-12 age group are about having fun. He introduces the fundamental movement skills which develops their desire to become better at golf.

The children are encouraged to take part in various sports that include playing tennis, football and tag. Therefore this will include throwing, jumping, catching, skipping and balancing drills.

During the group lessons, Jack is looking to naturally build their muscles and make them stronger through all sports.

But most importantly, he wants the juniors to enjoy the group sessions. As a result, they will ask their parents to bring them back each week.

As you can see in these videos other sports do correlate with golf. The body responds to these different types of movement skills and show how they are very similar to golf.

In conclusion you will notice how the lower body sets the appropriate sequence of movement to give a similar finishing position.

Jack goes onto explain that he takes great satisfaction in watching junior golfers becoming mini athletes. It is not by luck that we have started to see the development of some great young golfers from these group lessons.

For instance, some of the juniors that started in group classes are now having individual 1:1 lessons and playing golf to a good standard.

Jack host hosts his group classes every Saturday morning from 10:00-11:00 and the cost is just £6 per person.

For all group lesson bookings and general enquiries please contact Jack at the pro shop 01708688333 or email him at or fill out the contact form underneath.

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Putting lessons and the importance of the pre putt principles

Putting Lessons will enhance one of the most important yet under practised shots in golf.

If players could hit all 18 greens in regulation and then finish each hole with 2 putts (avoiding that dreaded 3 putt) then those 36 putts would account for exactly half of their shots.

On average tour professionals will only hit 12 out of 18 greens in regulation meaning they have missed one third of the greens . However they will normally finish their round at level par or less so their total number of putts per round must be 30 or less.

For most club players the time invested in putting is often unfocused and sometimes taken for granted or completely overlooked.

Players therefore need to understand that their best chance of lowering their score and/or handicap is to focus on their short game – chipping and putting.

A Putting Lesson Seminar held at Abridge

Our Pro shop team of recently held a putting seminar using the indoor studio at Abridge. The principles of this seminar was to highlight how the pre stroke fundamentals in set up can affect the putting stroke and efficiency.

It was explained to the members how the four pre putt principles will affect the stroke in different ways with the following direct effects:

Body alignment – club path, face angle and roll

Ball position – attack angle, club path and face angle

Clubface alignment – face angle and path

Grip – face angle, club path and roll Posture – attack angle and club path

We will be running more seminars for members throughout the year. The next one will be in March and cover on course management / strategy.

For more information or to organise a lesson please call the Pro shop on 01708 688 333 or book your next lesson on our your game page.

Meet Jack from the Abridge Pro Shop Team

Jack Winer – Qualified PGA Teaching Professional and Pro Shop Manager

Age: 30 years old 

Lowest score at Abridge :-7 (65)

Lowest score in a tournament:  -6 (65) Euro pro Event @ Astbury Hall GC in 2013

Make of Driver & Carry Distance:  TaylorMade M3 440 9Degree – 270 yards

Favourite players – Past & Present : Seve Ballesteros/Payne Stewart & Tiger Woods

Reason for taking up golf: My dad who still comes to watch me play at most of my tournaments.

Golf Career before Abridge :

Played county golf for Essex.

Amateur Wins – Abridge Scratch 2007/2008, Romford Scratch 
Clifford and Courage Trophies Chigwell & Upminster Bowls, Keating Trophy 
Pro Career- Europro Tour – 2010 – 2014 and Challenge Tour Card – 2012/13

Golfing ambition next 3 years: 

I strive to one day be Head Golf Professional or Instructor for a golf team at a University, College or National Team

If you could play any golf course in the world – where is it and why ?

I’d love to play Cyprus point. why? Go look at it. It looks amazing

I think any golfer would be delusional if they didn’t say Augusta just to see for myself the slopes on those greens and the immaculate course conditions 

Contact Details: Lessons available for all levels 6 days a week on course, range or short game area. For all booking and enquiries please contact me on :

M: 07835205710 

T:  01708688333 


The new year brings the new season of monthly Medal and Club Stableford competitions at Abridge.

7 day club members at Abridge are openly invited to play in all the monthly medal and stableford competitions. These are run on alternate every other weekends throughout the year. 

In this article we will explain the differences between the two types of competitions, how to enter and what you can win.

All the information for these competitions can be found in the members section on the club website click here or on the various noticeboards around the club in the week leading up to the competition.

The Abridge calendar has also been updated so members have notice of the date of the monthly competitions and the designated tee box. To get access to the calendar click here

What are the differences between these type of competitions ?


The medals are stroke play competitions played off full current club handicap. There is one monthly medal competition run over both Saturday and Sunday and the course will be set up with the same tee and pin positions for both days. 

All the monthly competitions have 3 separate divisions with the 3 divisional winners decided by the player with the best net score per division.

Division 1 is for 0-9 handicappers

Division 2 is for 10-18 handicappers

Division 3 is for 19-28 handicappers

Note : You can only enter the competition once on either of the days. 

The winners of each division each month will also gain automatic entry into the ‘Gold Medal’ event played in the Autumn. This concluding medal competition also includes some other club competition winners. It is played as one field to decide the overall ‘gold medal’ winner – The player with the best net score on the day using the player’s current club handicap.


Stablefords are a points based competition played off the designated tee over 18 holes

The competition is played off current full handicap using the normal stableford points system.

Depending on the weekend the competition may be run as 2 separate competitions, There will be one on the Saturday and the other on the Sunday . 2 comps mean that you can enter twice and compete in both events.

On certain weekends there may only be one competition run over both days and the course will be set up with the same tee and pin positions. These comps can be only entered once on either day. 

There are no separate divisions in Club Stableford competitions and therefore there will be one overall winner and prizes for 2nd and 3rd places.

Countbacks when scores are tied. 

Players with tied scores will be separated by using the countback system over the last 9 holes. If players are still tied then the scores over the last 6 holes are counted. After that it will be decided using the rules adopted by the club committee.


On the day, members need to register to enter the monthly competitions, before, they tee off, by using the computer in the spike bar or the pro shop. 

The entry fee is £5 but remember that you need to have funds on your golf membership card to enter. You can check your balance and/or top up your card at the bar but not in the pro shop.

Members can play in these competitions with friends in their own groups at any time during that day. The only requirement is there are at least 3 players in the group so that the scorecards can be independently marked.


The prize pot for each competition will be dependent on the number of players entered and distributed in the form of pro shop vouchers .


All medal and club stableford competition results will affect you Congu club handicap both up and down based on the Competition Scratch Scores (CSS) – This is the official measure of the playing difficulty of the course depending on factors such as the wind, rain, temperature etc.

Christmas present ideas for golfers that have everything.

Looking for the perfect golf gift this Christmas for the golfers that have everything.

Now that we are well into December and the nights are noticeably shorter, all thoughts are turning towards Christmas and the excitement of receiving that perfect golf present to be opened on Christmas day.

The pro shop team at Abridge Golf & Country Club appreciate that, at this time of year, most golfers are already planning for and looking forward to the new golf season. There will be ideas about new golf clothing & equipment and thoughts on how to improve their game.

So this is the perfect opportunity to kill 2 birds with one stone by visiting the Pro shop and speaking with Jack Winer. They will be bearing special golf shop offers all the way through to Christmas Eve although you will be hard pressed to find any gold, frankincense or myrrh.

You can contact the pro shop team on 01708 688 333 during winter opening hours which is to 15:30 on weekdays and 16:00 at weekends.

Get the perfect gift in time for Christmas

If it’s new equipment you require, there is also no need to miss out on that Christmas day present as the Abridge Pro Shop team are bringing forward the boxing day sales with their very own version of the “12 Days of Christmas”.

Starting on Thursday 13th December there will be special daily offers running right up to Christmas Eve. There is something for everyone amongst the offers which will help those still finding it difficult to come up with good golf gift ideas for that perfect present.

Improving your Golf Game

Jack has put together Christmas Gift Packages for golf lessons to improve all aspect of your game including on course strategy playing lessons and gapping sessions.

A festive gift voucher for these golf gift packages will be provided and can be purchased by visiting the pro shop or calling them directly.

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