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Daily Golf Course status updates & course maintenance information. In order to enhance the quality of our golf course it is necessary to carry out essential maintenance and will post status on this page.

Is that Spring around the corner?

Let’s hope so! Its been lovely the last couple of days and the forecast is for a few more warmer days for this time of year. However, clear skies this time of year brings early morning frosts. Therefore temporary greens are in use until the frost clears. Buggy’s are allowed only on the front 9 holes and must stick to the paths at all times. Trolley’s are allowed on all 18 holes but must stick to the paths on the front 9 please. Enjoy the sunshine

Frost again

Due to a frost last night and this morning the temporary greens will be in place until it clears. This will be updated throughout the morning. Buggys can be used on the front 9 only, please stick to the paths. Trolleys can be used on all 18 holes but please stick to the paths around the front 9 as much as possible. Take care around the back 9. Please follow all traffic management and enjoy your round.

Early frost, but drying, slowly

We have a slight frost which means all greens are on tempoarary for while. As soonas this thaws we will get the greens back on. We are drying out slowly and a dry week is forecast. There are still 3 temporary greens today. Buggys and Trolleys are allowed on the front 9 but must stick to the paths at all times please. You may take a Trolley round the back 9 but please take care.

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