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Daily Golf Course status updates & course maintenance information. In order to enhance the quality of our golf course it is necessary to carry out essential maintenance and will post status on this page.

A little more wet stuff

Saturday night has brought us a little bit more rain so unfortunately the front 9 holes will be closed again as they are just not getting a chance to dry out. The back 9 holes are open but there may be some temps in use, the pro shop will be updated once the course check has been done. Please stick to the paths with trolleys and buggies at all times and take care as there are areas of the course that are very slippery. Please follow all traffic management and repair pitch marks. Thank you.

Frosty start

Good morning, today the front 9 holes remain closed due to the recent rain but the back 9 is open for play. A few temps may be in use because of the frost but this will change as it lifts. All bunkers are currently still G.U.R until further notice. Please keep trolleys and buggies to the paths at all times and be careful as some areas of the course are slippery and wet. Please repair your pitch marks and enjoy your round. thank you

Well we did not need that

Unfortunately last night decided to bring us another 13.5 mm of rain and due to this the front 9 holes are closed still and only the back 9 holes are in play, and there will unfortunately be temps in use on the back 9. All bunkers are currently G.U.R and will be until further notice, please take care as it is very slippery and please stick to paths with buggies and trollies at all times. thank you


It’s a bit chilly this morning but i don’t think the frost will hang around that long. The front 9 holes will remain closed. Buggy’s and Trolley’s must stay on the paths at all times. Please be aware we will be cutting greens and spraying a preventative fungicide this morning. Please also click on the link below to see the news on the Drainage project.

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