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Daily Golf Course status updates & course maintenance information. In order to enhance the quality of our golf course it is necessary to carry out essential maintenance and will post status on this page.

Beeping weather!

Sadly another 15 mm of rain over the weekend so the Golf Course will remain closed today. The Clubhouse is open until 2.30pm for food, drinks, cards, snooker and any other indoor games you can think of ? So why not pop up and say hello to Lesley! A further course inspection will take place tuesday morning. Thank you for your understanding. PLEASE LOOK OUT ON OUR WEBSITE THIS MORNING FOR A COURSE UPDATE AND AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.

No comment

We have had over 3/4 of an inch (19.2mm) of rain over night and more coming. Regrettably we have made the decision to close the Whole course today as it cannot cope, (like places all around us), with the excess water that is running down over the Golf Course. THE CLUBHOUSE IS OPEN FOR FOOD AND BEVERAGE SO WHY NOT COME UP AND HAVE SOME LUNCH. Please be aware that if it stops raining it then takes a few days to drain the surface level off so please check this website for the weekend conditions.

Ping Pong

So after it stops raining and the skies dump another 6mm yesterday we now ping pong back to a frost this morning with rain forecast tommorow . It’s not going to hang around long . The front 9 will remain closed today and we will look again in the morning. The back 9 is open and after the frost has gone we will attempt to get as many of the greens on as we can . All Buggy’s and all trolley’s including winter wheels must stick to the paths at all times. We appreciate your co-operation. It might be good to take ping pong up this week !


I’m afraid that’s all i can say today as its all getting rather silly now ! The front 9 will remain closed, the back 9 is open but you will have at least 4 temps in place. Buggy’s and ALL Trolleys including winter wheels remain on paths at ALL times. Thank you for your co-operation it’s tough at here!

Is It Monsoon Season??

After all of Thursday and Friday’s rain, we’re closing holes 1-4. This means golf will start on the 5th hole. When you get to the 8th, you will play up to a temporary hole, then play the practice 8th as an extra hole. Thus giving you a 15 hole round. This route of play will be in force all weekend and a decision will be made on Monday morning on whether to reopen holes 1-4.

Buggies and all trolleys(winter and smooth wheeled) will stick to paths at all times. There may still be a few temporary greens in play but please check at the pro shop for which ones.

Please do take care out there. As you can probably imagine, it’s extremely wet underfoot!!

Your cooperation is, as always, appreciated.

What a nightmare !

We have had since yesterday afternoon over 15mm of rain and its still raining. Most Courses in Essex would not cope with this amount of rain and many of Essex Courses are closed today. We will shut the front 9 holes today with the hopeful view of re-opening them tomorrow. The back 9 holes are open but there will be several temps. Trust me we ain’t happy either !

Buggy’s and all Trolley’s must stick to paths please


A hard frost means greens will be on temporary greens to start. Please check at the pro shop for updates. Buggies are to stay on paths on all 18 holes. Trolleys with smooth and winter wheels are also to stay on paths on all 18 holes unless told to do differently on individual tee boxes. Please take care as the course is very wet under foot.

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