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Daily Golf Course status updates & course maintenance information. In order to enhance the quality of our golf course it is necessary to carry out essential maintenance and will post status on this page.

14 Holes Open

Holes 1-4 will remain closed today so play will commence from the 5th hole. The 8th green will remain closed so please play to the practice 8th on the left of the 8th green. There may be some temporary greens in use but please check at the pro shop for updates. All buggies and trolleys are to stay on paths at all times. Please take care as the course is extremely wet in areas and very slippery. Please repair your pitch marks and follow any traffic management that is on the course. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thanks a lot Dennis

Dennis has come and gone and left us with a lot of debris and 23mm of rain. We will try and open some holes up but not until we have gone and checked everything is ok and what we can get in play. Please be patient with us, there is a lot of debris and we cannot get onto surfaces with machines to pick stuff up while its so wet. OK WE HAVE THE BACK 9 HOLES OPEN BUT THERE ARE 5 TEMPS IN PLAY. PLEASE TAKE CARE IF YOU DO VENTURE OUT

Well, Dennis has turned up.

Storm Dennis has turned up over night and he has brought very strong winds (37 mph here) and another 7mm of rain with him so far. the course is open and holes 5 to 18 are in play but due the the high winds anyone venturing out does so at their own risk. some temps may be in play on the open holes and the pro shop will be updated after we do a course inspection. please keep all buggies and trolleys to the paths at all times and follow all traffic management. please take care

The calm before another storm

The course is open today and holes 5 to 18 are in play, unfortunately holes 1 to 4 are closed due to being wet. there may be a few temporary greens on the open holes, please check with the pro shop for details. please keep all trolleys and buggies to paths at all times and follow all traffic management as its there for your safety as well as to protect areas of the course. please take care as some places will be slippery.

Wind and Rain and Wind and Rain

Its a constant theme this week and rather frustrating. Front 9 holes will be closed today so please start your round from the 10th tee. There are a few temporary greens in play so please check with the pro shop for details. Buggy’s and Trolley’s must stick to the paths at all times. May I suggest you come and sample Tina and Paddys food at ‘The Lounge’ today if you just pop up to see the new Clubhouse.


Well that was a pleasant Sunday…….NOT! With nearly 20mm of rain and exceptionally strong winds it was really not what we wanted. We will be checking the course for hanging branches and will deal with whatever we can. Until this happens we will keep the front 9 holes closed. There maybe some temporary greens on the back 9 holes and we will let the proshop know. Buggy’s and all Trolleys must stick to the paths at all times. Please take care if you go out to play. Please also remember the new Clubhouse is open so if you just fancy a coffee or something to eat please come and have a look at your new fantastic facility.

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