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Head PGA Professional Jack Winer

Jack joined Abridge Golf Club in 2015 where he became an assistant. Completing his PGA DEGREE in 2018 from the University of Birmingham and going on to becoming HEAD PROFESSIONAL in 2020

Born is Essex, he spent most of his youth playing golf for the county men’s team and playing tournaments up and down the country. Taking up golf at the age of 10 at his local course. What started out as a friendly game amongst friends, soon developed into a fondness for golf, quickly playing off a PLUS figure handicap and finding success at club, county and professional levels.

Turning professional in 2010, Jack played 6 consecutive seasons on the Europro Tour and various Mini Tours around Europe. While the highlight of his professional career so far was earning a Challenge Tour Card for the 2012/13 season through European Tour Qualifying school. He also earned a Top 3 Order of Merit spot in the PGA East Region 2018 season which qualified him for Grand Finals in Turkey.

Since becoming a fully qualified PGA Golf Professional, Jack has fine-tuned his lesson knowledge through seminar and webinars – helping golfers find success by improving their knowledge and abilities within their own swing, how to practice efficiently, on-course management and mental stability during a round. He also enjoys delivering group sessions, specialist clinics and using TRACKMAN when needed.

Lesson Prices

30 minute lesson £30
60 minute lesson £50
Buy 6, get ONE Free on the above …….
9 hole playing lesson (inc. green fee) £90
90 minute gapping using Trackman £60

For all lesson enquiries with Jack. Please email –

Qualified PGA Professional Max Wescott – Qualified PGA Professional

Max joined the team 2019, where he was 2 years through his PGA Degree having previously worked for global organisation TOP GOLF. Max then qualified a year later also from the University of Birmingham.

Born in Essex, Max spent all his youth playing football for Ipswich town academy. He started to pursue a golfing career from age of 15, where he then went on to play for his county. Turning professional in 2017 off of a handicap of SCRATCH.

Since qualifying Max has coached all abilities from total beginners to professional levels. Making the most of his down time, he also keeps up to date with coaching trends through various seminars and webinars.

His coaching beliefs are – Coaching must be unique to the individual and anyone who wants to can improve their game

Lesson Prices

30 minute lesson £25
60 minute lesson £45
Buy 5, get ONE Free on the above …….
9 hole playing lesson (inc. green fee) £80
90 minute gapping using Trackman £60

For all lesson enquiries with Max. Please email –

Trainee PGA Professional James Hazzleton – 2nd Year Assistant Professional

James has been an assistant PGA professional at Abridge since 2021. Prior to this he worked at Channels Golf Club and Little Channels Golf club.

James has always wanted to be a teacher and attended St Mary’s university in Twickenham to achieve this dream. Whilst at university he studied physical and sport education and sport/social science.

James’ sporting background is varied and successful, he played football for a long time before switching to ice hockey and finally finding his true calling on a rugby field where he won numerous honours as a forward in both rugby union and rugby league.

After a career ending injury, James took up golf in 2013 and by 2019 he was ready to turn professional.

James turned professional with the sole intention of being a teaching professional.

With a unique coaching style and personality James prides himself upon his professionalism and the results of the people who are lucky enough to be coached by this talented, charismatic and personable young man.

James is very passionate about golf becoming a more inclusive sport. Added to this, James truly believes in the cathartic and almost therapeutic qualities that golf can offer as Golf really helped with his struggles with mental health.

James can be quoted as saying “I love teaching golf, to me every single pupil I have is like a puzzle for me to solve in order to improve their performance”. Adding this kind of analytical mind to a man with a great understanding of how the human body works creates a unique and gifted teacher.

Lesson Prices

30 minute lesson £25
60 minute lesson £40
Buy 5, 1 hour lessons £165
9 hole playing lesson (inc. green fee) £60
90 minute gapping using Trackman £60

For all lesson enquiries with James. Please email –


Trainee PGA Professional Rupert Chaplin – 2nd Year Assistant Professional and Custom Fitter

Rupert joined Abridge Golf Club in 2021 after completing his degree in Sports Managemnt (Golf) at Bournemouth University. He has now started undertaking the PGA Degree in September of 2021.

Born in Essex, he spent most of his youth playing junior golf at Crondon Park, becoming junior captain. From there, Rupert went on to playing golf for Bournemouth University for the next 3 years.

After spending a placement year working at Frenchman’s Creek Beach and Country Club in Florida, it became clear that his passion was in coaching, custom fitting and club building/repairs. He saw the importance of individuals having clubs fit correctly and the difference this can make to their game. Since then, he has been focused on developing his knowledge of the custom fitting industry to prepare himself to have the necessary skillset.

With the introduction of our new custom fitting studio available here at Abridge Golf Club, Rupert is going to take charge of this and be on hand to help anyone get the best fit clubs for their game. Trackman will be used along with the various different shaft and head options available for every club in the bag. It will also take place in in the indoor studio so you can stay warm in the winter.

Lesson Prices

30 minute lesson £25
60 minute lesson £35
Buy 5, get ONE Free on the above …….
9 hole playing lesson (inc. green fee) £60
90 minute gapping using Trackman £60

For all lesson enquiries with Rupert. Please email –

Putting lessons and the importance of the pre putt principles

Putting Lessons will enhance one of the most important yet under practised shots in golf.

If players could hit all 18 greens in regulation and then finish each hole with 2 putts (avoiding that dreaded 3 putt) then those 36 putts would account for exactly half of their shots.

On average tour professionals will only hit 12 out of 18 greens in regulation meaning they have missed one third of the greens . However they will normally finish their round at level par or less so their total number of putts per round must be 30 or less.

For most club players the time invested in putting is often unfocused and sometimes taken for granted or completely overlooked.

Players therefore need to understand that their best chance of lowering their score and/or handicap is to focus on their short game – chipping and putting.

A Putting Lesson Seminar held at Abridge

Our Pro shop team of recently held a putting seminar using the indoor studio at Abridge. The principles of this seminar was to highlight how the pre stroke fundamentals in set up can affect the putting stroke and efficiency.

It was explained to the members how the four pre putt principles will affect the stroke in different ways with the following direct effects:

Body alignment – club path, face angle and roll

Ball position – attack angle, club path and face angle

Clubface alignment – face angle and path

Grip – face angle, club path and roll Posture – attack angle and club path

We will be running more seminars for members throughout the year. The next one will be in March and cover on course management / strategy.

For more information or to organise a lesson please call the Pro shop on 01708 688 333 or book your next lesson on our your game page.

Mid Week Strike Check

Get instant feedback from something as simple as using athletes foot spray.

Striking the ball from the centre of your iron face is the best way to maximise distance and efficiency.

Let me break it down.

Sweet spot – The point on the clubface which feels the best – we all know those shots where you “didn’t even feel it”. Hitting the sweet spot results in minimal twisting of the club, maximum energy transference to the ball, and warm, fuzzy feelings inside – you will see longer shots with more consistency.

The Not-So-Sweet-Spot

Anywhere not in the centre hahaha

But what happens when we miss the sweet spot?

In this video Sergio Garcia’s driver off the deck shows what really happens when a ball is mis-hit it, we see the crazy effect it had on the clubhead.

In the left column, we see a toe shot and the club twist open.
In the right column, we see heel shot where the club twists closed.
This will affect direction slightly, but not by much, and maybe not in the way you would imagine.

The new year brings the new season of monthly Medal and Club Stableford competitions at Abridge.

7 day club members at Abridge are openly invited to play in all the monthly medal and stableford competitions. These are run on alternate every other weekends throughout the year. 

In this article we will explain the differences between the two types of competitions, how to enter and what you can win.

All the information for these competitions can be found in the members section on the club website click here or on the various noticeboards around the club in the week leading up to the competition.

The Abridge calendar has also been updated so members have notice of the date of the monthly competitions and the designated tee box. To get access to the calendar click here

What are the differences between these type of competitions ?


The medals are stroke play competitions played off full current club handicap. There is one monthly medal competition run over both Saturday and Sunday and the course will be set up with the same tee and pin positions for both days. 

All the monthly competitions have 3 separate divisions with the 3 divisional winners decided by the player with the best net score per division.

Division 1 is for 0-9 handicappers

Division 2 is for 10-18 handicappers

Division 3 is for 19-28 handicappers

Note : You can only enter the competition once on either of the days. 

The winners of each division each month will also gain automatic entry into the ‘Gold Medal’ event played in the Autumn. This concluding medal competition also includes some other club competition winners. It is played as one field to decide the overall ‘gold medal’ winner – The player with the best net score on the day using the player’s current club handicap.


Stablefords are a points based competition played off the designated tee over 18 holes

The competition is played off current full handicap using the normal stableford points system.

Depending on the weekend the competition may be run as 2 separate competitions, There will be one on the Saturday and the other on the Sunday . 2 comps mean that you can enter twice and compete in both events.

On certain weekends there may only be one competition run over both days and the course will be set up with the same tee and pin positions. These comps can be only entered once on either day. 

There are no separate divisions in Club Stableford competitions and therefore there will be one overall winner and prizes for 2nd and 3rd places.

Countbacks when scores are tied. 

Players with tied scores will be separated by using the countback system over the last 9 holes. If players are still tied then the scores over the last 6 holes are counted. After that it will be decided using the rules adopted by the club committee.


On the day, members need to register to enter the monthly competitions, before, they tee off, by using the computer in the spike bar or the pro shop. 

The entry fee is £5 but remember that you need to have funds on your golf membership card to enter. You can check your balance and/or top up your card at the bar but not in the pro shop.

Members can play in these competitions with friends in their own groups at any time during that day. The only requirement is there are at least 3 players in the group so that the scorecards can be independently marked.


The prize pot for each competition will be dependent on the number of players entered and distributed in the form of pro shop vouchers .


All medal and club stableford competition results will affect you Congu club handicap both up and down based on the Competition Scratch Scores (CSS) – This is the official measure of the playing difficulty of the course depending on factors such as the wind, rain, temperature etc.

Friday Swing Tip: Get your set up right to optimise your golf shots.

One of the fundamentals for any golfer is to get their set up right in order to have the best chance to optimise the ball strike and to maximise the distance.

Remember the golden rule of ball striking: Use a descending strike when hitting irons and an ascending strike when using your driver.

This video concentrates on the set up when playing the tee shot with a driver .

Get your set up right pre swing, to help you hit the ball as best as you can..
Covering the golf ball with your chest is not ideal for driver. Irons ……. great!! 
You’ll see from the video that If you set your head behind the ball slightly. It’ll help you get the ascending strike your require to maximise distance.

Firstly set the ball up just inside your left heel (for a right handed golfer) and grip the club how you like to.

Star Tip : Then once your set up, feel like the head and chest tilt away from the target by lets say 5%. This will make your low point an inch or so behind the ball.

With this adjusted low point, by the time you make contact you will naturally be hitting up on the golf ball.

For those of you that like data from launch monitors you want you the attack angle to be a positive or + number.

In addition to hitting up, to increase distance you need to increase ball speed. PGA Tour Pro’s generate a ball speed of 170 + mph to achieve their carry distances of +/- 300 yards.

Simple Fact: The faster the ball speed the further the distance. Look out for Jack’s lesson on “How to increase ball speed tip”

Golf Drills and Tips from Jack Winer our resident PGA Professional at Abridge.

Early Extension

Do you struggle with inconsistencies in your ball striking that produces unexpected bad shots including pushes, slices and hooks ?

Poor contacted golf shots like these may be caused by an early extension of the body. This occurs when there is a forward movement of the hips and lower body towards the golf ball at the start of the downswing.  As a result the plane gets underneath us causing the club and arms to get stuck behind the body.

Here is a simple drill that can be easily practiced on the range.

You should start the drill by taking your normal set up with the back of your ‘derriere’ resting against your golf bag. 

From this position take the club to the top of the back swing whilst ensuring you stay in contact with bag.

On the downswing try and feel like you are going to maintain that contact or even push back slightly as if you are trying to push the bag over. This subtle feeling will greatly assist the ability to stop that early extension.

Jack qualified as a PGA professional in 2018 and finished the year by competing in the PGA Play-Offs at Antalya Golf Club on the PGA Sultan course in Turkey. He will be regularly providing his tips and drills over the coming months to help all levels of golfers

To improve any part of your game please contact Jack for lessons via the club website

Alternatively you can contact Jack directly by :

Pro Shop: 01708 688 333 – Mobile: 07835 205710


Instagram: @jackwinergolf

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