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Whats happening ?

Lot’s going on at your Course at the moment so I thought you might appreciate an update?

After in excess of 120mm of rain the last few weeks the Mains and Primary drainage are working well. We are now installing the secondary drainage over the next few weeks if conditions allow us.

Installing Secondary Drainage

Hopefully the video above explained things. ( sorry about the spelling error real wheel should have said rear wheel!) Once a fairway is complete we then need to verti-drain the surface again which will level out the humps and bumps.

How a Lytag line should look once installed

The surface water then needs to ‘educate’ itself to find the drain lines as the quickest route away. It’s like a capillary action once it finds the quickest route the drains will work even better.

I apologise for the surface mess ( muddy water from tyre marks) that we are leaving, but the job has to be done when the ground is soft otherwise the heave on the surface would be too much. It will all tidy up and ‘knit’ together

YET AGAIN! I have to ask people to please repair not just their own but ANY pitchmarks you see on the greens please .

It won’t be mine or my staff’s fault if we go into winter with lots of pitchmark scars on the greens! I have posted this video once more to show you how to correctly repair a pitchmark. Please take some responsibility!

As the Winter approaches, as in previous years, we are changing the colour of the flags for better vision during the darker months. So please note







Traffic management is essential during the wet periods. The ropes and posts are not put out to be awkward they are put out to protect YOUR GOLF COURSE . Please please do not remove them or ignore them.

On a positive thank you to all of you that have been using Buggy’s and sticking to the paths . It’s very much appreciated. Also thank you those who have the coloured flags that are using the 90 degree rule and not taking buggy’s passed the blue blocks. Hopefully we can continue to let you use the 90 degree rule for a while yet.

As you can see from the picture below the levelling of the Driving range tee is progressing well. It should be ready for turfing in the next couple of weeks

Driving range tee

Well I apologise for the long Course update but I needed to inform you of lots of things going on at your Course.

Enjoy your Course, enjoy your Club ……………….it’s yours remember!


Course Manager

Mission completed

Well I am pleased to announce that we have finished the final bits of Irrigation and this now means ALL fairways are fully irrigated.

12th and 13th Fairways

Thanks to MJ ABBOTT and PERROT for their continued help and support.

We have a busy couple of weeks ahead with the work starting on the Driving Range form Tuesday (weather permitting) and we will also commence installing the secondary drainage on the front 9 fairways.

Regarding the drainage installation we do not envisage having to close any holes during this work, but please be patient and understanding if you have a tractor working on a hole you are playing.

Owing to the wet conditions we have had to pause the filling in of certain bunkers as it was becoming to wet to use the machinery needed

Regarding Buggy’s, owing to the very wet weather we have had to the start of October they are presently only allowed to be used on the buggy paths at ALL TIMES. Please respect this instruction.

Finally PITCH MARKS are still bad , can you all please make an effort to repair not only your pitch mark but any others you may see ! They are YOUR greens , please take care of them!

Enjoy your Course, Enjoy your Club……………Remember it’s yours

Further Improvements

Good morning all, I hope those that played in the club Championships enjoyed themselves and the Course.

Firstly one massive moan and request please . The amount of pitch mark’s is awful at the moment. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you see a pitchmark repair it . If you can repair 3-4 each green we won’t have a problem. They do some awful damage to the grass structure that going into Winter will not be good! So please repair your’s or other pitch mark’s you see. Below is a video of how to properly repair a pitch mark.

How to repair a pitch mark

OK onto some good news! I am excited and pleased to announce that the Board of Directors and Jack our great Head Pro have agreed to invest in the rebuilding of the Driving Range Tees.

This will involve levelling up the Tee and extending it another 50% to the left. The result being a larger one tier practice Tee enabling much more use for you Golfers and easier for us to repair and maintain the surface.


Its an example of further development of our Course which I know the board and myself are keen to continue so we keep enhancing your enjoyment of Abridge Golf Course

From next week we will be closing the Range tee while the works are carried out, but you will still be able to hit balls from either the bottom of the Range or a separate grass area near Jack’s coaching hut. The work will take a few weeks , weather permitting, and the main tee will not re-open until the spring allowing the new turf to ‘knit in’ properly. I am sure you will agree whilst a little inconvenient for a few months the work will be worth it.

Other news, is that the Irrigation is progressing well and we hope to be finished by next Friday. The following week we will be starting the Secondary Drainage. We have also recommenced the bunker filling in work.

Thanks again for all your support

Enjoy your Course Enjoy your Club………….it’s your’s remember !

Who will be champ !

As you all know its the Club Championships this coming weekend, its very difficult to produce June conditions on the course but we are trying our best and I am sure people will appreciate how difficult this year has been.

On behalf of the Greenstaff I would like to wish all of you that are playing a successful Championships this weekend, the weather is meant to be dry but a little chilly. Good Luck !

Irrigation will be installed on the 12th and 13th fairways

I am pleased to inform you that the Irrigation works on the 12th and 13th Fairways will commence on Monday. This means that over the next two weeks one of these holes will be closed certain days while the work is carried out. The practice green next to the 8th hole will be used, as before, as a par 3 to make the course still 18 holes.

Hopefully the works will not cause too much disruption to your Golf and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time?

All course renovations are now done, but its still to dry to start the installation of the secondary drainage on the fairways yet. We will therefore carry on filling in the bunkers that have been deemed GUR.

Crane fly

You will have noticed lots of these horrible things. These Crane flys are what lay the ‘leatherjackets’ that cause us so much grief on greens and other surfaces. These are not unique to Abridge Golf Club !!! We have nothing ‘legal’ anymore that we can spray that works aswell as the banned chemical but we are trying various methods this year to try to eradicate the problem. One of these methods we need to try in the next two weeks on the greens and I will update you once I know we have the right conditions to carry this method out

Leatherjacket grub

That’s it for now, please check with Pro shop which and when a holre is closed for the Irrigation works

Let’s hope the sun shines all weekend on the Champion !


Enjoy your Club Enjoy your Course ………….Remember it’s yours


It’s going well!

Good Morning all, i hope you are enjoying the Autumn sunshine. Firstly can i apologise for the length of the Rough this week and coming weekend. Owing to 3 x tractors having emmissions and fuel issues we have had major problems getting certain machines out to use including the Rough cutter. Hopefully this will be resolved early next week and we can get the rough back to a better level. Alternatively book a lesson with the proshop and try not to go in the rough !

Week 2 for Course Renovations completed and we are bang on schedule, possibly a little ahead! All greens have now been completed, but the 1st,6th greens and are few minor patches will receive a further seeding and top dressing early next week. All reports are the greens are recovering really well from the maintenance.

All tees have been scarified overseeded, top dressed and fertilised. The same process will happen to the approaches early next week .Fairways all bar the 18th have been scarified,(tractor issues) and we will hopefully commence Verti-draining later next week on the front 9 holes ready to commence the secondary drainage the following week. Phew! 

The following week it will be about gearing up for the delayed Club championships!

If you see my staff working please say hello and if you want to ask what they are doing they will happily tell you, or if you just want to say thank you for the work they do, please do, they do a great job!Enjoy your Golf

Enjoy your Course….It’s yours remember!

Geoff. Course Manager


Well it had been a glorious summer until the last 14 days, its been frustrating but some well needed rain but not the strong winds!

Hopefully you have all enjoyed your golf Course since coming back from May 11th.

On the subject of rain I am very pleased to announce that we will be installing fairway irrigation on the 12th and 13th holes late October. MJ Abbotts and Perrot will return and it means we will now have ALL main playing surfaces irrigated.

I’m also pleased to confirm that even though the secondary drainage is not yet installed the mains and primary drains are working well as you can see from the video below.

Happy days !

The next 4-6 weeks brings lots of work for my team over and above normal maintenance . Let’s hope the recent very wet weather will give way to some dry warm sunshine to assist us. Sometimes I appreciate it can be frustrating when we do important renovations work but, as hopefully you are very aware, this is essential to maintain the high quality of the surfaces. Please be understanding and supportive whilst we do this work. Below are a few short paragraphs on what we will be doing.Apologies if some of you have seen the videos before but some of our new members may not have and be unaware of why and how we do things on the course ?

Next Tuesday ( 1st Sep) we will be hollow coring the greens.

Hollow Coring Greens
Clearing up after hollow Coring

Followed by a verti-cut, heavy sanding and then a nice granular fertiliser to speed up recovery. This is essential !

sanding greens
After Renovations work done

Many clubs have already done their ‘main’ green’s renovations this month but we have tried to hold off for as long as possible, but it needs to be done. It will take approx 7-10 days for full recovery if the weather is kind !

This week we will also start scarifying fairways and approaches

Scarifying Fairways

It will take a few weeks to complete all of the fairways and approaches.

Once this is done we need to verti- drain the front 9 fairways. The video below if you have not seen it before will explain what the verti- drain does

Verti- Draining and why

The Verti-drain will also assist us in installing the ‘Secondary ‘ Drainage on the front 9 holes by creating holes in the soil to assist and hopefully limit any ‘heave’ with the drainage machine.

By late September we will hopefully have also scarified tees. Both tees and approaches will receive a top dressing, over seed where necessary and a granular feed

If it all goes to plan (fingers crossed and weather kind!) we will commence the secondary drainage install in October

Thank you to Sheltons our Drainage machinery supplier for the above video

Phew!!! So as you can see we are going to be busy ! I appreciate disruption can be frustrating but I and my team have ALWAYS been committed to continue to take the golf Course up to higher standards and therefore, to do this, all of this work is essential. I therefore ask for your patience and understanding whilst we carry out this work.

We also have to carry out all our normal jobs at this time of year and continue to fill in the bunkers where agreed.

8th Hole at abridge golf club
Auto sprinklers at abridge golf club

Abridge in the last 3-4 years has invested heavily in your golf course with top of the range Perrot Irrigation, buggy paths around the whole course and now the commitment from the directors to drain all 18 holes over the next few years. We have a brand new clubhouse and great catering from Tina and Paddy and their staff plus a great Professional Golf Services set up with Jack Winer our head Pro and his team. I ask you to do your bit and pick up your litter, repair your pitch marks, take a divot bag when asked and support your Golf Club and its facilities.

Enjoy your Golf Enjoy your Course………..Remember it’s yours !!

Getting there

Morning everyone hope you are well and enjoying your Club and Course.

We are really enjoying seeing so many Golfers, it certainly makes the hard work my staff do rewarding work.

The Clubhouse is also looking great now with a real Club atmosphere!

The service and food Tina, Paddy and the gang are providing is excellent !

Loving the bi fold doors

Well we are winning with the drainage and i wanted to give you the schedule for the next 2-4 weeks

We have Primary and Main drainage left to do on the 3rd hole next week starting from Tuesday and envisage the hole being closed until Friday, but please check with the Pro shop each morning for an update. The following week will will do the 6th hole and that will be closed from the Monday the 27th july hopefully only until the Thursday of that week.

Nearly done

After that, week commencing the 3rd August we will start getting bunkers back in play and filling in the bunkers that have been agreed.

We were going to start the secondary drainage in August but owing to ground conditions we have decided to delay this until September now.

Lol Green has introduced a ‘Divot bag Tree’ which is at the 1st hole. Please take a bag and fill your divots as you go round and leave the empty bag at the 18th when you finish. Many thanks for that

A quick moan , pitch marks and YOUR LITTER ! Please repair your’s and any other pitch marks you see. Regards litter, please use the bins provided its awful to see so much litter around the Golf course

Quite like the one on the left!

Finally a request. I want to get the greenstaff some more uniform as they are looking a little tired ( not the Greenstaff the uniforms !!) Over ythe years we have kindly been sponsored by members and put the Members’s logo on all our clothing to advertise their buisness . I am looking for a member or members that would kindly help as a Sponser? If you would like to support your Greenstaff please message me on [email protected] . It would be very much appreciated.

Enjoy your Golf , Enjoy your course

Remember……..IT’S YOURS!




Welcome back everyone of you !! I hope you are all enjoying your time playing your golf and enjoying the course.

I’d like to take this opportunity of welcoming all the new members to our Club that have recently joined and on behalf of all my staff a big thank you for all the support and gratitude you ALL have shown my staff and myself . It’s really appreciated. In case you are not sure what you are missing here is a little taster below. Highlight the link below and Right click on the link and open a new page if the video does not play.

Hope you enjoyed that and show all your friends and bring them up as guests or even new members!Ok lets talk about our plans over the next couple of months. My staff are almost all back now and as they return we will increase the work on the course to give you hopefully an even better experience!

First to answer a question we have been asked a few times . Why are we hand watering areas when we have a new state of the art Irrigation system? Well yes we do have and we can uniformly put at mm of water for whatever we think the surfaces require, however owing to wind, sun exsposure and soil ‘make up’ underneath certain areas you will always get what we call ‘Hot spots’ that will need more water than just covering the whole area .This is also why we use a moisture meter to measure where the ‘hot spots’ on the surfaces are.

So, we will first of all start to get some of the bunkers back in play, this will possibly take us a few weeks. On that note Lol Green, myself and his committee have decided that we will fill in approx 14 bunkers on a permanent basis! ( hopefully handicaps will come down a bit ?). So the chosen bunkers to be filled in will have signs placed in them that they are still GUR. We will formally announce when the rest of the bunkers are back in play, but until further notice treat all bunkers as GUR

Once this is done we will start strimming the longer roughs down and around all of the trees.

In July/ August we will start recommencing the drainage of the front 9 holes which is important we get this done. I will release further news on this nearer the time

I am so so pleased so many of you are back playing golf BUT! Please remember while the Golf Course is so busy it takes a lot longer for us to do our jobs so please give way to the Greenstaff when they are working

Finally please put your litter in the bins, please don’t touch the flagstick, please support Tina and Paddy and also Jack our great Pro as they slowly re-open what they can and finally …



STAY SAFE . Regards Geoff Course Manager

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