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Dry for a bit

We start dry today but sadly rain forecast later today. All short grass areas have had a cut and the greens have had a bit of welcome air during this brief dry spell we have had . Please start your round from the 2nd tee and play the short hole next to the 8th green to make up 18 holes. Buggy’s and ALL Wheeled Trolleys must stick to the paths at all times. Thank you

18 Holes In Play

All holes are open apart from the 1st. Please walk straight to the 2nd hole and commence your round from there. Buggies and trolleys (smooth and winter wheeled) must stay on paths at all times. Please adhere to any traffic management and repair pitch marks and divots. Enjoy your round.

18 ok

We did have some more rain yesterday but all apart from the 1st hole is open, so please walk to the 2nd Tee to start your round. Please use the short par 3 after the 8th hole to make up 18 holes. The 8th green is the only temporary green. ALL BUGGY’S AND ALL WHEELED TROLLEYS PLEASE STICK TO THE PATHS AT ALL TIMES

15 Holes Open!!

We currently have 15 holes open and ready for you to try all the new clubs you got for Christmas! Holes 5-9 are open with the practice 8th playing as an extra hole. The whole of the back 9 is open but there may be some temporary greens in play due to yesterdays rainfall.

Buggies and trolleys (smooth and winter wheeled) are to stay on paths at all times. Please adhere to any ropes that are on the course and repair your pitch marks. Enjoy your game.

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