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Good morning all hope you are enjoying the Golf course. Easter was amazing weekend for weather but temperatures have dropped back and rather stunted things growing.

As I put on Teamup last week we will be doing some work on the greens this week. Firstly they will get some vital aeration, click on the link below .

Aeration on Abridge greens

Hope you enjoyed that. After this we will verti-cut the greens which will help cut some of the longer grasses that are laying down.

A cut , an iron and a nice feed to the greens finally followed by a top dressing and our greens work will be done.

Hopefully all by Tuesday, weather permitting. Please be patient with us while we do this essential work. We cannot cut the greens for a couple of days after so they may be a little slow until the weekend.

On the subject of Air, Marc ( our House Manager ) and myself were asked to feature on a radio show all about Abridge Village and surrounding areas, namely the Golf Club. It’s a really interesting programme to listen to . It’s a 3 hour listen and we are approximately on about 2 hours 10 minutes into the programme. If you want to listen click on the link below, hope you enjoy it.

Hopefully you will have noticed a lot of seed ‘popping’ on the areas we have overseeded, especially the fairways 11,12,13, and 14.

You may have noticed that we top dressed the Tees last week and there was a slight ‘smell’ to the soil we used to do this? This is because we mixed our normal sand/soil dressing mix with something called Humus.


Humus is the organic material in soil. Humus is not a form of soil, rather it is the broken down composted remains of leaves, grass, and other organic matter contained within the soil. Humus is highly nutritious and rich in minerals and microbes vital for healthy plant growth. Humus also is able to hold 80-90 per cent of its own weight in moisture.

It’s a brilliant thing to use but does have a bit of an odour. It helps to stimulate growth. In fact these two below have been washing there hair in it , let’s hope it works on humans too!

green keepers at abridge
Don’t think Humus will work on these two, somethings are beyond help !!
Though Paul’s beard seems to be coming on well !

Thank you to all of you for keeping out of the Irrigation lake area while we continue to trap and move the wildlife. We have approximately 25-30 more days of doing this.

Now that we have dried out to allow Buggy’s and Trolley’s on we will no longer be updating the course condition link every day. We will now do this on a weekly basis, ideally on a Friday, letting you know what is going on the Golf Course the coming week.

Finally a 4th green update. It’s coming back nicely but we need to give it a few more weeks to let the new seed establish. PLEASE KEEP OFF it to let nature do what nature does best ….repair and recovery !

That’s it for this update . Regards Geoff


Crondon Park Golf Club Jubilee Cup Away result.

Abridge Golf Club approached this fixture in confident mood after our first win of the season. In the Jubilee Cup it’s essential to win your Home matches and steal something in the Away ties. Unfortunately for Abridge, Crondon Park followed this script in robust fashion! The early holes suggested a close contest. At the turn the situation was balanced evenly. However, our hosts then applied the home advantage and steamrollered us in a whitewash victory of 9-0. Crondon have a strong history and reputation in this event. This was certainly a steep learning curve for our side, playing away demands the utmost if anything is to be gained. We were simply beaten by a very strong, well-practiced team.

We look forward to our next encounter at Home 26th May with Mardyke. Finally we all hope that golf weather establishes itself as its been pretty cold standing on the side-lines watching!! To keep upto date with this excellent tournament click JUBILEE CUP

A Touch… and taste of Augusta comes to Abridge this weekend

Tomorrow morning who will be your team mate? Maybe Brooks Koepka, Eddie Pepperell or perhaps Tiger Woods? Come and play the fearsome Abridge 18 holes with some Augusta inspired pin and tee positions, WILL YOU MAKE IT THROUGH AMEN CORNER UNSCATHED??!! And while you are here why not try the Masters patrons favourite, the Pimento Cheese Sandwich from the specials board or try the Pimento Cheese half baguette at the halfway house, good luck everyone and have an enjoyable weekend.

A little chilly

Frosty start this morning but all greens on except the 4th green. Buggy’s please stick to the paths on the front 9 and the roughs on the back 9. We do intend to let Buggy’s off the paths from Friday providing there is no more rain.Trolleys are on

Catch me if you can !

Hi everyone and I hope you are all enjoying Abridge Golf Club?

The Golf course is coming together nicely, but to quote the great lyrics of the 70’s song ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet! ‘ We have so much planned to increase the course’s presentation but it’s early days

From this coming week we will be introducing a new 3 coloured flag system. We will still be using the ABC system as per the scorecard map but this new system will also be used in parallel. Thank you for the kind generous donation from the Gentleman of the 9 Hole Golf Society. Enjoy the video explanation below

I know, I need to get out more !

This week we will be starting our last Spring Renovation work. This involves using this Big Bad boy bit of kit.

We use it to scarify all the fairways and some other areas with. It does a fantastic job. It scarifies and sucks up most of the debris and then we follow behind with a Tractor mounted Blower and a fairway cut. After this in the coming weeks we overseed areas where needed. Click on the video below to see it at work

The bad boy at work


I am sure you will have noticed a low black perimeter fence has been erected around parts of the 1st, 2nd ,3rd and 4th holes ? This is to trap and catch our little dear friends the Great Crested Newts and any other little critters in the area!

We have to trap, record and monitor the area for up to 60 days so we can then start on digging the Irrigation lake.


If you keep hitting balls into the area may I suggest you do one of three things?

1: Move your stance to change direction? 2. Get a lesson off Jason, Jack, Reece or Bobby ! 3. Take up another sport !!

That’s all from me for now .

Regards Geoff

Enjoy your Course Enjoy your club…..It’s your’s remember !

Abridge cruise into the second round

Abridge have made it through a tricky first round tie against Toot Hill Golf Club, after a convincing 4-1 lead after the morning foursomes they pushed on to take six and a half points from the afternoon singles for a convincing 10 and a half to 4 and a half win. This sets up an away tie in the second round against either Frinton or The Essex on Sunday the 19th of May.

A mixed bag

All weathers forecast today starting with frost, then sun, then the wind picks up and a little rain! Buggy’s are on , please keep to the paths on the front 9 holes and the roughs on the back 9 holes. Trolley’s are on. The 4th green is on a temporary

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