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Ladies! Don’t let the boys have all the fun . Ladies golf is really great. Get into some fresh air. It counts as exercise you know. It’s an enjoyable and sociable activity plus there’s always the chance to buy that dashing new golf outfit.

Here at Abridge Golf and Country club we ladies know how to have fun. Our golf is taken seriously when we have our competitions but we also know how to enjoy ourselves.

We have a very vibrant ladies section. We have weekly competitions on a Tuesday and fortnightly competitions on weekends. The club championship, two major competitions plus the spoon winners’ cup (medal winners) are all played at weekends. In winter we have mostly fun team games and in summer more serious competitions. We have knockouts for both single players and pairs

We are friendly and inclusive from new to experienced golfers we like to encourage everyone. Who has never sent the turf further than the ball or had a bad shot. Although we may try our hardest, we are none of us Tiger Woods or Michelle Wie.

Yes we have a Harris bowl team having reached the quarter final last year. Some of us love competitive golf.

Yes we have a new bronze team- reappearing this year after a couple of years break.

No silver team yet but if enough girls are willing- well who knows.

We have matches with our senior men, friendlies and a small league with sister clubs. Abridge ladies love to party and have a fun overnight stay with two rounds of golf and some of us fly further afield.

Roll up, Roll Up. On Thursdays and weekends we roll up and make up games so everyone is included.

We have a fantastic annual charity day and an annual Ladies Open meeting. Both of these events are very enthusiastically attended.

Whether you are a new or experienced golfer a warm Abridge welcome always awaits you.

Only 10% of all golfers actually score below 100.So relax and have fun as you are most likely in the majority.

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