Membership Fees



Please see Membership Rates below.

Category Description 1st April 2020- 31st March 2021
7 Day + 1 child free (under 15) Monday-Sunday anytime (7 days) £150 pm (waiting list)
7 Day Restricted Monday-Sunday weekends after 12 pm £136 pm
5 Day Monday-Friday anytime (5 days) £110 pm
Twilight Membership 

Summer Twilight Golf (March to October)– play anytime, any day after 4pm.

Winter Twilight Golf (November to February) – play anytime, any day after 12pm

£600 pa (Waiting List)
Social   £300 pa


*The member must elect Abridge Golf Club as their home club.


We offer a 1.5% discount on your membership fees if you opt to pay upfront in full for the year.  If you wish to pay monthly, we require an initial payment of one month’s fees together with £150.00 (£25 Country) annual catering pre charge fee (this must be spent in the course of the subscription year).  We cannot accept American Express.

**Would need to be a member of another Golf Club and live 50 miles plus away.

A direct debit order for the membership will commence the following month.

All new members will need to attend a Welcome Meeting with one of our Board Members


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