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Getting there

Morning everyone hope you are well and enjoying your Club and Course.

We are really enjoying seeing so many Golfers, it certainly makes the hard work my staff do rewarding work.

The Clubhouse is also looking great now with a real Club atmosphere!

The service and food Tina, Paddy and the gang are providing is excellent !

Loving the bi fold doors

Well we are winning with the drainage and i wanted to give you the schedule for the next 2-4 weeks

We have Primary and Main drainage left to do on the 3rd hole next week starting from Tuesday and envisage the hole being closed until Friday, but please check with the Pro shop each morning for an update. The following week will will do the 6th hole and that will be closed from the Monday the 27th july hopefully only until the Thursday of that week.

Nearly done

After that, week commencing the 3rd August we will start getting bunkers back in play and filling in the bunkers that have been agreed.

We were going to start the secondary drainage in August but owing to ground conditions we have decided to delay this until September now.

Lol Green has introduced a ‘Divot bag Tree’ which is at the 1st hole. Please take a bag and fill your divots as you go round and leave the empty bag at the 18th when you finish. Many thanks for that

A quick moan , pitch marks and YOUR LITTER ! Please repair your’s and any other pitch marks you see. Regards litter, please use the bins provided its awful to see so much litter around the Golf course

Quite like the one on the left!

Finally a request. I want to get the greenstaff some more uniform as they are looking a little tired ( not the Greenstaff the uniforms !!) Over ythe years we have kindly been sponsored by members and put the Members’s logo on all our clothing to advertise their buisness . I am looking for a member or members that would kindly help as a Sponser? If you would like to support your Greenstaff please message me on [email protected] . It would be very much appreciated.

Enjoy your Golf , Enjoy your course

Remember……..IT’S YOURS!



Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy

Hi all, I hope you are all safe and enjoying your Golf Course?

We have been working hard to keep bringing the quality of the surfaces to high standard. I have only heard positive good reports so hopefully we are doing ok !

A few weeks ago I said a few weeks ago I would update you on the Drainage works planned for July, so here we go !

Next week we will complete the Primary drainage on the 4th hole. The tees will move forward approx. 150 yards so we can work safely while you enjoy your golf.

The following week we intend to finish the 5th hole and this hole will be closed whilst we work and the winter green next to the 8th will be used as a par 3.

The last two weeks of July we intend to install mains and primary drains into the 3rd,6th and the 2nd hole

I will do my best to keep you informed via teamup and the proshop the days any holes are closed.

We appreciate this will cause some disruption but hopefully you will understand that we all want to get the drainage completed on the front 9 holes ready for the winter.

During August we will then commence installing the secondary drainage which is a lot less disruptive.

Secondary Drainage

The work in July is very labour intensive and will take up to five of my staff at times to install the drainage. Owing to this it has been decided by Lol Green, Roger Jefferies, Jack our professional and myself that we will not reinstate the bunkers until early August.

Therefore ALL bunkers should be treated as GUR and the appropriate rule shall apply.

We have consulted with the English and Essex Golf unions that qualifying competitions can still be introduced from July, as one of the Covid 19 options, is to leave all bunkers as GUR.

I hope you continue to enjoy your golf , please support Tina and Paddy as they open a limited clubhouse and if you are asked to do or not do something by them or their staff please respect that .Finally please stick to the social distancing rules at all times to keep us all safe.

Enjoy Course Enjoy your Course…….. It’s yours remember!


Welcome back everyone of you !! I hope you are all enjoying your time playing your golf and enjoying the course.

I’d like to take this opportunity of welcoming all the new members to our Club that have recently joined and on behalf of all my staff a big thank you for all the support and gratitude you ALL have shown my staff and myself . It’s really appreciated. In case you are not sure what you are missing here is a little taster below. Highlight the link below and Right click on the link and open a new page if the video does not play.

Hope you enjoyed that and show all your friends and bring them up as guests or even new members!Ok lets talk about our plans over the next couple of months. My staff are almost all back now and as they return we will increase the work on the course to give you hopefully an even better experience!

First to answer a question we have been asked a few times . Why are we hand watering areas when we have a new state of the art Irrigation system? Well yes we do have and we can uniformly put at mm of water for whatever we think the surfaces require, however owing to wind, sun exsposure and soil ‘make up’ underneath certain areas you will always get what we call ‘Hot spots’ that will need more water than just covering the whole area .This is also why we use a moisture meter to measure where the ‘hot spots’ on the surfaces are.

So, we will first of all start to get some of the bunkers back in play, this will possibly take us a few weeks. On that note Lol Green, myself and his committee have decided that we will fill in approx 14 bunkers on a permanent basis! ( hopefully handicaps will come down a bit ?). So the chosen bunkers to be filled in will have signs placed in them that they are still GUR. We will formally announce when the rest of the bunkers are back in play, but until further notice treat all bunkers as GUR

Once this is done we will start strimming the longer roughs down and around all of the trees.

In July/ August we will start recommencing the drainage of the front 9 holes which is important we get this done. I will release further news on this nearer the time

I am so so pleased so many of you are back playing golf BUT! Please remember while the Golf Course is so busy it takes a lot longer for us to do our jobs so please give way to the Greenstaff when they are working

Finally please put your litter in the bins, please don’t touch the flagstick, please support Tina and Paddy and also Jack our great Pro as they slowly re-open what they can and finally …



STAY SAFE . Regards Geoff Course Manager

Thats the way you do it !

Dear All, I trust you are well and glad to be back playing Golf . It’s made all the hard work really worthwhile to keep getting so much positive feedback, text messages and emails from you all.

We have noticed a few of the new Ball Retrievers on the flagsticks getting bent. We think its golfers pulling the rod out rather than just lifting the top disc. Please watch the Video below and adopt this method of getting your ball out of the hole cup

On a couple of separate issues, we are noticing a lot of rubbish being left on the Course . This is not pleasant and creates a potential Health hazard to other golfers and my staff. WE will not pick your litter up. Please put it in your pockets and take it home with you

Secondly we know the rough is long at the moment and we will get on top of it next week.

Thank you for your patience. I hope you are bringing your friends up to play and continue to enjoy your Golf Course

Stay safe Play safe


Geoff Course Manager

Welcome back to Abridge

Hi everyone, just a quick note to welcome you back to your Course. We have been working very hard with less than 50% staff to essentially maintain the Course. It’s looking pretty good out there and we will keep improving things as we get more time and staff back.

Please please respect my staff when it comes to social distancing and also that we have to work while you are playing golf. Please also remember to not touch the hole cups or flags/flagsticks at anytime

Enjoy your Golf and please stay safe

A lovely day for some Golf

The Course is open and we have set up a ‘take away’ limited food /drink service. All 18 holes are open and no temps, the 8th hole is using the left hand green. Some areas have not been cut yet but this will be happening next week. Buggy’s and all Trolley’s must stay on the paths.



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