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Well I am pleased to report that the greens renovations were completed late last night. After a 4.00am start, Monday was very frustrating ,owing to the weather and that put us behind schedule.

Another early start , a late finish and some great work by my team we managed to catch up and get it all the intensive work done yesterday.

Greens were firstly Verti-drainedverti

Then cored

Paul loves clearing up after …not !

Each green was then topdressed with between 2.5-3 ton of dry Sand and Soil Amendment

Ready for brushing with our sweep and fill brush similar to the video below

An overseed and a jolly good iron was next

Further Brushing before we watered it all in for 3 minutes each green.

And that’s a wrap for Tuesday night and home time for a well earned rest !

Well Done my Team! Great work!

This morning all the greens got a nice organic feed to help with recovery and this rain will help wash everything in.

The Golf Ball is not rolling too badly, considering the heavy disruption we have done as you can see below. Jack Winer and our Captain played late yesterday afternoon and Jack said they were not bad at all .

Ball roll after its all done

With the right weather and a bit more TLC the greens should be fine within a couple of weeks . I am sure any of you that have played any other courses are very aware we are all up to the same type of work on our Greens.

Things will get back to normal next week on the rest of the Course with regards to cutting and presentation. Though I do have a few staff off the latter part of the week as Ben my Deputy gets married , I’m sure you all will wish him well and the best of luck , ( Sarah his partner will need it putting up with him!!)

That’s it for now, thank you for all those golfers that showed co-operation and patience with these essential Greens Renovations


Abridge Golf Club Ladies Open 7th August 2019

Abridge Golf Club were pleased to host their Ladies Open on a beautiful sunny day at Abridge Golf and Country Club on Wednesday 7th August 2019.  Over 100 golfing ladies from all over Essex and beyond, representing 23 different golf clubs, came to join in the fun. The day was an enormous success enjoyed by all who attended.

On arrival tea coffee and Danish pastries were served to the ladies, after which all prepared for golf. This commenced with a shotgun start at 9.30 am. The event was a pairs better ball competition, with teams of four, setting off from all around the beautiful course.

The weather was kind and the course in magnificent condition, the fairways like carpet and the greens fast and true. This led to high quality golf and good scores. A fantastic time was had by all.

Winners Jeanette and Jenny with Carol Piper Vice Captain

I would like to offer a huge thank you to Our Greenkeeper Geoff Smith together with all of his team of wonderful and helpful greenkeepers for keeping the course in such exceptional condition.

On completion of the round, the ladies entered the clubhouse for a scrumptious buffet, with a truly delicious selection of food and wonderful deserts. Everyone who attended agreed that it was a truly magnificent day and the comments we received in admiration were amazing.

Thank you to our fantastic kitchen staff for providing such a wonderful fare and an excellent halfway house with tea coffee and beautiful cakes.

The only dampener on the day was a rain deluge during the last couple of holes,  but it didn’t spoil the special day.

The prize table of beautiful orchids trimmed in turquoise matching the decor looked stunning and all players were eager to win such lovely prizes. There were prizes for first second and third teams, as well as best back and best front nine hole, also for nearest the pins and longest drive.

The winners were Jeanette Marks and Jenny Charles from Hobbs Cross with an amazing 44 points. The runners up where Shelley Atkins and Wendy Scales from Stockbrook Manor with 41 points.

It was a fantastic event and we look forward to seeing all who attended this year, as well as new teams for next year’s open where we will entertain you in our brand-new clubhouse which as you will have seen is currently under construction.

I would like express my sincere thanks to Pam Levine and Oriol Austin for organising this tournament and ensuring the smooth running of the day

Deborah Jacobs

Lady Captain.


Good morning all! I hope you have been enjoying the summer and most importantly your Golf course? We are really pleased how Abridge Golf Course has played and how we have presented it this summer to date.

4th Hole at abridge golf club

The New Perrot Irrigation system has been a major factor to the Course presentation.

If you have played any other Courses the last couple of weeks you will probably be very aware the it’s time for our ‘ Greens renovations week’

Boo Hiss Boo I hear some of you say! Those with a little more knowledge will fully understand these renovations are essential to continue to improve the quality of the greens with regards to thatch control, root development, overseeding , drainage improvements and general health of the Greens.

Some of the benefits of Greens Renovations

Yes it is disruptive and Yes it makes the greens not great for a couple of weeks, and Yes its a lot of hard work for my team! But we definitely no the benefits the work bring and the backwards steps we would be taking if we did not do this work.

So i will give you an insight to what we will be doing from 4.00am this coming Monday . Starting on the back 9 holes , that will be on temporary greens, we will first verti-drain the greens using 3/4 inch solid tines down to a depth of 8-10 inches.

Verti-draining with 3/4 inch tines

Then we will hollow core the greens using 1/2 inch hollow tines. Then a clear up, a cut and iron and then we will topdress the greens with approx 3 ton of dry sand mixed with ceramic soil amendment product per green to fill the holes up.

Hollow Coring
Top Dressing

The greens will then be over seeded and heavily brushed using our sweep and fill brush as you can see below

sweep and fill brush we use at Abridge GC

Finally the greens will get a nice ‘smelly’ Organic feed to aid recovery and seed germination.

We will water the greens a little over the next few nights if no rainfall occurs and during the next few days continue to vibro roll and iron. If things go to plan (Weather dependant!) we should be all done by Wednesday and in a position to start cutting the greens again by Saturday/ Sunday. Sometimes a further top dressing will be applied if necessary the following week.

So that’s this years Summer Green’s Renovations . We really appreciate your help and understanding why we do this essential work.

Don’t know if you saw how we drained the 18th Green a few weeks ago but here are a couple of pics and Video on the process. The Green has recovered well and it will be so much better in the Winter now this wrok has been done.

18th Green

A few bits of early information on this years Winter work. We intend to rebuild the 1st, 4th and 18th bunker complexes and also re build the sleeper wall on the 4th tee. We have few other plans but these are still in discussion

We also hope to be introducing a ‘125 club’ with the chance of members winning monthly money prizes and moneys raised going to Special Course projects such as the reshaping of the 14th Pond. More of this next time.

That’s it for now , sorry no Drone footage recently but we are very busy especially with holidays being taken but I will hope to produce a few films soon .


Club House Honours Board Competitions

There are a number of Honours Boards competitions at Abridge Golf Club. Also know as Gold Letter (although ours are black). For club members getting your name on one or more of the clubhouse boards is a chance to become part of Abridge club history and consequently elevate their golfing status, a very proud achievement if you’ve managed to do it.

The history of the club dates back to September 1963. The original club competitions were named after and in honour of the first board of directors.

The format of these competitions have remained virtually the same since that time. The names of all previous winners have been recorded on the honour boards in the clubhouse. Competition golf brings its own unique pressures. However, in order to create your own ‘gold letter’ place in Abridge history, then you’ll need to be in it to win it. Our handy guide on how do I enter club competitions

The current gold letter Club competitions that are held over the spring and summer months are listed below :

GOLD MEDAL – White Tees

All monthly medal winners from each of the 3 handicap divisions qualify to play in the final round. This is played towards the end of the summer to crown the Champion of Champions.

The result is based on the best Net score playing off full handicaps.


This is presented to the overall Gross Winner of the Club Championships.


Format: Based on accumulative competition scores over the year.

The winner is calculated on the total of the best 6 scores of any medal/stroke play competition.

This includes monthly medals, Committee Vase, Sponsors Trophy and a maximum of 2 Club Competitions. 


A knockout match play competition played over the summer – There are no handicaps and therefore it will be for the low handicappers.


This is a medal competition played over 2 weekends.

After the 1st round the top 20 qualify to play in the final round.

The result is based on the best Net score off full handicaps

JACK STONE – White Tees

This a knock out match play competition played off full handicaps.

Prior to the 1st round draw, there is a preliminary qualifying stableford round. The top scoring 32 players go into the draw for the knockout matchplay competition. 

The final is also match play and played over 36 holes.

Note: named after an original founder member


Format: A medal competition played of full handicaps 

It is run over a weekend and can be played on either Saturday or Sunday. This is a major competition that qualifies for the Merit Cup.


Format: A better ball pairs stableford competition played off the white tees.

Qualification takes place over 1 weekend and the top 32 pairs are entered into a knock out match play competition

The number of shots are calculated as 90% of the difference from the lowest handicap.

JOHN RUEBEN – White Tees

Format: Pairs greensomes stableford competition 

Both players take their own tee shot and then take alternative shots.

3/8 of combined full handicaps

Note: named after a former president of the club.


Every year there is a Captains prize day at Abridge.

This is a stableford competition played off full handicaps.

There are prizes for the overall best score and the 3 handicap divisions.

ALEC BOURNE – White Tees

Format: Stableford Competition off full handicaps

It is run over a weekend and can be played on either Saturday or Sunday

Note: named after an original founder member


Format: This is a knock out match play competition

£10 entry and a prize pot of £100 for the winner.

SOCIETY CUP – White Tees

Format : A bogey match play competition played against the course off full handicaps. The players score on each hole will be based on the net par score after handicaps.


Format: Stableford Competition off full handicaps

It is run over a weekend and can be played on either Saturday or Sunday

Note: named after an original founder member


Format : Full handicap stableford competition 

Played on a Sunday and open to all 7 day members.

Note: named after a former board member that ran the club competitions.


Format: A match play knock out competition for high handicap 22+ members 

Each match is played off full handicaps.

Note: named after a former member.

VETERANS CUP – Yellow Tees

Format : A Stapleford competition for those members over 65 off full handicaps.


Format: A pairs stableford competition played off the white tees.

Alternate shots. The team handicap is calculated as the average of both players full handicaps.

FAMILY FOURSOMES – (Yellow and Red Tees)

Format: A family relation pairs stableford competition.

Men play off yellow tees and Women from the red tees.

Alternate shots. The team handicap is calculated as the average of both players full handicaps.


  1. These competitions are always played over the weekend on Saturday and/or Sunday.
  2. Members will require an active club handicap to enter any competition.

Please contact the club office for more information about any of these competitions or to speak to a member of the club’s competition committee.

Free personal liability insurance for every Abridge Golf Club Member

As of 1 July 2019, every Abridge Golf Club Member is provided with £10m personal liability insurance as part of their affiliation to England Golf.

We have put together some of the common questions and how to claim in the event of an accident.

As an affiliated member of England Golf what am I covered for?

You are covered for personal liability in the event that you are found to be negligent for causing injury to another person or damage to third party property whilst playing or practicing golf at any golf club or recognised practice facility in the UK, Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man.

Do I need to activate my insurance cover?

If you are a member of an affiliated golf club, and are paying an affiliation fee to England Golf, then your personal liability insurance cover came into effect automatically on 1 July 2019. Should you wish to make a claim, you will need to have registered with us at so Bluefin Sport can validate your eligibility. They will do this by confirming
both your membership with your golf club and your online registration with England Golf.

Am I liable to pay anything personally if an incident occurs?

In respect of any personal injury claims you are covered for the full amount of any awards made to an injured party including any legal expenses. In respect of damage to third party property the England Golf member is responsible for the first £500 of any claim.

What happens if I already have cover for personal liability through another product?

The benefit provided via England Golf to an affiliated member whilst playing golf at any golf course in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man, is designed to offer “primary” insurance for personal liability. Whilst you may
choose to cancel any additional “personal liability” cover that you have, be very careful before doing so as most specific “golfers” insurance products tend to offer a combined package of benefits which include equipment and/or personal accident covers as well as personal liability.

Does this cover extend to include golfing holidays?

If your holiday is in the UK, Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man then yes you are fully covered.

What about golfing holidays anywhere else in the world?

Provided that you have arranged travel insurance for your golfing holiday then cover will extend to include golf trips of not more than 28 days on a worldwide basis. This extension is included on a contingency basis up to but not exceeding the limit provided by your travel insurance policy. This cover is subject to UK jurisdiction and specifically excludes USA and Canada.

What does UK Jurisdiction mean?

It relates to where any disputes are actually heard. For clarity provided any action is bought in a UK court of law then the cover will be operative.

What if I cause any injury to a playing partner?

Cover extends to include your playing partners so the cover will be fully operative.

Does this insurance include any cover for golf equipment?

No, not under this membership benefit. The cover provided relates to personal liability only.

What action should I take if I become aware of a potential claim?

Notify Bluefin Sport immediately on 0131 255 0340 or [email protected] and let us have any relevant documentation.

In what circumstances might I be negligent for injury to another person whilst playing golf?

The most obvious example is negligence arising through a “ball strike” causing injury to another person. The most common example of this would be taking your tee shot when golfers playing in front of you are still within range or ignoring signage on a blind tee shot telling you to wait for the “BELL” before playing your tee shot.

What about incidents that might occur whilst I am practicing on the range?

Cover applies whilst playing or practicing golf at any golf club or recognise practice facility in the UK, Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man.

Am I covered whilst using a golf buggy?

No cover is provided for incidents arising out of the use of golf buggies. Many golf club’s own or lease golf buggies for their members and visitors. It is our belief that all golf clubs should have a minimum of third party motor insurance for driving buggies’ in and around the course even if it is private land.

Am I covered in respect of any incidents involving the use of a golf trolley?

Yes, full cover is operative.

Where can I get some more advice about insurance?

We have a dedicated insurance microsite that can provide an additional source of information. Please visit to access. Should you have any specific insurance related questions or require
advice please contact Bluefin Sport. 0131 255 0340

If you have a query relating to your membership (non insurance related) then please contact England Golf.

Norman Plumb ¼ Final v Chigwell Golf Club

The adventure ends with much gained and valuable experiences established. A close and tight encounter finished 2½ -3½ to our local rivals. Rather like the other sporting events on the day, tie breakers loomed but were not required. It has been clear from team members responses that this event has forged new friendships and opened up the club for different players to compete together. Team selection has often been a challenge with a wealth of players to chose from. However, next year will see a foundation to build upon from the honest toil of this.

Congratulations to all players who have represented the club with aplomb, dignity and of course plenty of heart. The good name of the club has been further enhanced which can only be good for our future. We would like to wish good luck to Chigwell Golf Club in the rest of the competition.

Abridge Club Championships 2019

Lee Oliver – Abridge Club Champion 2019 with Club Captain Gary Bronziet and Lol Green

The Abridge Club Championships for 2019 were played on the last weekend in June. The 78 strong field were split into 3 divisions:

Division One : Handicaps 0 – 6

Division Two : Handicaps 7 – 14

Division Three : Handicaps 15-24

Divisions One and Two started their rounds from the 1st tee. Division 3 started their round from the 10th followed by the ladies.

Nothing could be won on Day 1 but those who scored well would put themselves in pole position for Day 2.

On Sunday morning the field played in reverse order after the Day 1 gross score results. The leaders went out in the last groups of their respect divisions.

Mens Champion: Lee Oliver

Congratulations to Lee Oliver (pictured above) who shot a brilliant 2 under par gross 70 on Saturday and then a very steady 76 on Sunday.

Lee ending up winning by 3 shots to become the 2019 Abridge Champion Golfer.

Ladies Club Champion: Fredricka Sebardt

Congratulations also goes to Fredricka Sebardt who held her nerve on Sunday to become our 2019 Abridge Ladies Champion.

The course was in perfect condition and set up to test the field.

A special thank you to our green staff for getting the course into such excellent condition. We had the traditional diamond fairways and greens that were true and really quick.

We would also like to thank Lol Green for all his hard work to organise the event. Lol strategically placing the pins in equally difficult but different positions on both days .

Lol Green stocking the beer buggies
Lol Green stocking up the beer buggy for the club championship

He also made sure that most holes played to their full length from the white tees. Occasionally he pushed them forward (7th hole) to tempt the big hitters to attack the green from the tee.

A final thank you must go to all of the kitchen/bar staff, marshalls and the countless other volunteers that helped over the weekend.

Awards and Pro Shop voucher prizes

The overall club champion would be the player with lowest gross score over the 2 rounds. This was always going to come from Division One.

Prizes were awarded for places 1st – 4th in each of the 3 divisions for the lowest gross score over the 2 days.

There were also prizes for places 1st – 4th for the lowest net score on Day 2. This meant that those players that had a bad first round could still end up with honours on the Sunday.

The final leaderboard board :

Abridge Ladies Golf Charity Day

On Tuesday 25th June 2019 Abridge Ladies held their incredible Ladies golfing day in aid of Prostate cancer at Abridge Golf and Country Club. Attended by one hundred ladies playing golf it was a fantastic success. The golfing ladies raised a bumper £24,000 and everyone who attended said it was a fabulous day.

The weather forecast was absolutely dreadful and the Abridge ladies were really worried as thunderstorms were predicted, but although the fear of a storm was announced, other than a deluge on the Monday evening the day miraculously remained dry. The sun shines on the righteous!

This year’s committee was headed by Alison Levy with the charity being close to her heart as she recently lost her father to Prostate cancer. The monies raised by the Abridge Ladies Section will fund specialised equipment to help early diagnosis and treatment of Prostate cancer.

Once again we had our legendary tombola with a prize every time for just £10.00. The Abridge Golfing Ladies work tirelessly to collect these prizes from local shops and businesses who generously donate to this worthy cause. This work takes the whole year to collect but is assembled and dressed beautifully by Austin Posner. The display looked both dazzling and inviting with some very happy golfers who won prizes ranging from golf bags to jewellery and perfumes as well as hair dos and massages.

Lexus of Woodford very kindly sponsored the chance to win a Lexus car if anyone scored a hole in one on the 9th Hole. Unfortunately no one won the car but everyone who entered received a brightly coloured cool bag and if they landed on the green a sleeve of balls.

Our very own professional Reece Francis from Abridge Golf Club challenged all the ladies to ‘beat the pro’. If your shot onto the 17th green was nearer than his you won a sleeve of balls. Thank you Reece for being such a great sport. He was not willing to confess just how many of the ladies beat him… but I don’t think it was that many.

The main competition of the day was a team game with the best two Stableford scores out of the team of four counting. The Abridge golf course looked magnificent and the ladies all agreed the course was beautiful but a fair challenge.  There were prizes for nearest the pins on all the par 3’s and a prize for nearest the line on the 8th hole, as well team prizes for the first four teams , plus best back and front.

Once again we had an amazing half way house with beautiful fresh fruit donated by Gregory and Jake Hart and scrumptious homemade cakes and biscuits kindly baked by the Abridge Golfing ladies. Together with tea coffee and cold drinks it was difficult to get golfing again!

Once the golf was completed the ladies changed into their finery, and after a welcome to Abridge speech from the lady captain Deborah Jacobs, each chose their food from a magnificent buffet. Thanks to Denise and the wonderful Abridge staff for catering the delicious lunch. There was a great buzzy atmosphere and the dining room and prize table looked beautiful with its turquoise colour scheme.

After lunch the raffle was drawn. The generosity of our sponsors has been overwhelming and we had some incredible jewellery and prizes worth over £1000 each, donated by Smooch rings, Melvyn Jacobs, The Mayfair Hotel, Stuart Disdale ,Gina Kneifel, Melanie Shlosberg and Mark Koslover.The winner of this fantastic raffle was Mr Hibbert. Golf for four at Fox Hills was won by Gillian Collins.

The overall winners of the day win the Lesley Allsuch Trophy. This cup was presented by Lesley’s family in memory of our dear past captain who had the foresight and inspiration to start this annual charity event some 26 years ago. In that time we have raised close to one million pounds for local and national charities!

The cup was won by Karen Rosenbloom, Karen Posner, Margaret Schwitzer and Elaine Wilson. They also won beautiful glass and silver dishes loaded with chocolate and yogurt covered fruit and nuts. Karen Rosenbloom made a touching thank you speech in which she acknowledged that she was pleased the cup was won by Abridge ladies and that Leslie Allsuch had been a great inspiration to her with help in her golf.

The cheque was presented and the glorious day ended with some very happy ladies who had enjoyed a marvellous day at Abridge golf and country club.

Many thanks to the board and directors of Abridge Golf and Country club who allowed the Abridge Ladies the courtesy of the course for this prestigious day.

Deborah Jacobs (Lady Captain)

Member’s Monthly Golf Competitions

Member’s Monthly Club Competitions

Members are invited to enter as many club competitions as possible. Friendly swindle or society golf is fun where you can relax and just play. However the game of golf is completely different when you have a scorecard in your hand and ever shot counts.

Playing competition golf also helps golfers who wants to improve their overall game. There is nothing more valuable than experience both ‘good and bad’ and this will grow after each monthly competition that you enter.

Playing in the monthly competitions and handing in marked scorecards will also keep your playing handicap current and up to date. You will also have a much better indication of where your game is positioned at that time with an active handicap.


There is no room for error in medal competition golf and it is a real test of both a players golfing ability and their mental strength. It makes you focus more on ever drive, approach shot, chip and puts. It also highlights the importance of on-course management which can save you valuable shots when executed correctly.

In medal competitions everything has to be putted out to finish each hole. Missed puts are extremely costly when every single shot counts especially as the winning margin of the competition is normally only 1 or 2 shots better that the rest of the field.

There is at least one medal competition every month at Abridge .

The medals competitions are played over the whole weekend. Members should note that you can only enter once on either Saturday or Sunday. The medal is always played off white tees and there will be no changes to the tee or the pin positions over the 2 days which should make all things equal.

The only thing we cannot control is the weather so it’s worth checking the conditions for that weekend to ensure you play on the better day and give yourself the best opportunity to score well.

The result of the monthly medal is based on the Net Score ie Gross score less full handicap.

There are 3 divisional winners for low, mid and high handicaps. There are pro shop voucher for places 1, 2 and 3 depending on number of entries on each day. All divisional winners are guaranteed a place in the Gold medal competition.


A monthly stapleford competition gives all members the chance to play competition golf with a scorecard in their hand that will add that extra bit of pressure on each shot.

However Club stableford competitions overall results will normally allow for 1 or 2 bad holes. There may be that pulled or sliced drive which will leave you playing 3 off the tee or that duffed ‘fat’ shot that runs a meter of yards from where you are standing.

In the worst case scenario you end up with a ‘blob’ on your scorecard but this will certainly not damage your chances of getting a winning score as much as a 10 on the medal scorecard.

The rules of the competition mean that players can choose to pick their ball up if they can’t score on that hole but they do have to complete the hole by putting everything out if they want to score any points. Very often these would be straight forward ‘gimme’ puts but they are rarely practiced and certainly become much harder under pressure.

There is always one stableford competition each month and they will often alternate between yellow or blue tee boxes so make sure you know the rules and your ‘non bandito’ current club handicap before you get to the 1st tee.

The medals are played on both Saturday and Sundays. Members can enter once or on both days so a bad Saturday score can be erased with a good round on Sunday.

As with the medals there will be no changes to the selected tees or the pin positions over each day but remember to check the weather.

The 2 days are separate competitions and the result is based on the best stableford score on the Saturday and then again on the Sunday. There are pro shop voucher for places 1, 2 and 3 depending on number of entries on each day.

Abridge Ladies visit ELHAP

On Friday 28th June 2019 a group of ladies from Abridge Golf and Country club visited ELHAP for the grand opening of the sensory room. The room has been paid for by the ladies of a bridge raising money from their charity Golf day.

ELHAP stands for every life has a purpose. It provides adventure play for severely disabled children of all ages based in a 5 acre woodland it is the perfect safe area for severely disabled children to get the chance to play outside.

Rob Dighton the director of ELHAP was eager to explain that children live in a very sterile environment and have the need to explore the outdoors and express themselves freely. To this end the activities are child led with staff and volunteers helping the children to reach their full potential

The sensory room is an incredible building built using recycled and local materials including food from the forest area on the property. It has a piece of architectural brilliance being built in the style of an Anglo-Saxon roundhouse with a self supporting roof structure.

The room is like stepping into the story of Alice in Wonderland and the feeling inside is one of wonder to be hold. Most children nowadays spend time in front of a computer or television in the sensory area the children can stretch their imaginations and be at one with nature.

Stretching from a room which is accessible by wheelchair is a trail around the orchard forest area in which there are more sensory objects including an interesting set of mirrors, a spinning and mesmerising black-and-white chequered circle and a fire pit to sit around have stories and games or just gaze into a fire all under strict supervision.

The room has taken two years in the making but the result is exceptional. The Abridge ladies are delighted to be associated with this wonderful cause. There are very few adventure playgrounds safe for disabled children and this purpose-built area is severely lacking in funds. It desperately needs support to help it continue the fantastic work.

The Abridge ladies are pleased and proud to support ELHAP and over the past 26 years the Abridge  golfing ladies have raised over £1 million for local and national charities at their annual ladies golfing day.

Deborah Jacobs, Ladies Captain Abridge Golf Club

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