Looking to Improve Your Game?

We have a wide range of facilities to help you improve your game.

Whether you are learning the game or striving to get your handicap down joining the Abridge academy programme and using the on-site practice facilities will make the well-structured practice an enjoyable experience as you look to improve your all round golf game.

The 3 main practice areas include the driving range, the short game area and the chipping/putting greens that are available to the keen golf enthusiast at any time.

This provides the prefect all round practice arena for those who are fortunate enough to have time to spend on their game or for the complete warm up for those getting ready to go out and play.

Abridge Golf Club’s position as one of the best golf facilities in Essex is certainly justified by having such a wonderfully groomed yet testing golf course together with these specialised practice areas.

The double ended driving range is over 400 yards in length and runs parallel alongside the 1st hole with markers at 50, 75, 100 and 150 yards if you play down from the clubhouse end.

Conveniently, there are 2 large oak trees centrally located at around 200 yards that make the perfect target practice.

The all grass range area is split with 4 marked bay areas to the right for wedge and iron play and 8 marked bay areas to the left for all clubs including Drivers and Woods.

In the winter months there are also 8 raised all weather bays with synthetic mats and 2 covered teaching bays in the hut to the far left of the driving range that ensures that lessons and practice can go ahead in any conditions. 

Putting Green

The 18 hole putting green is located just outside the clubhouse.

It is cut and manicured with the same precision as the greens on the course to give realistic practice conditions and provide a good indication as to the speed of the greens.

The undulating surface provides a variety of puts including uphill, downhill and those that swing both ways.

Chipping Green

The 2 hole chipping area is alongside the putting green and there are a variety of lies to practice this aspect of your short game.

A confident good touch immediately around the green can lead to lower scores with ‘up and downs’ that are often the difference between lower and higher handicap players so it’s important not to overlook this part of the game.

Short Game Practice area

There is separate 3 hole short game area behind the 8th and 9th holes which also has 2 practice bunkers that provide realistic practice conditions for bunker shots of different lengths.

The area is over 100 yards in length which allows for quality pitching and chipping practice to the green from all angles. There are a variety of grass cuts to replicate shots from both the fairway and the rough.

The Indoor Studio …. if you haven’t had enough

At Abridge we are delighted to be associated with Golf Principles, who are PGA qualified, have their indoor golf custom fitting and coaching studio based at Abridge Golf and Country Club.

Golf lessons are often taken inside during adverse weather conditions by using the overhead projector with the indoor trackman system to provide accurate feedback when hitting the ball into the fabric screen.

The studio can be booked with one of the Golf Principles staff for club fitting sessions to find the perfect combination of heads, shafts and grips to optimise performance and give your game the best chance of improvement.

For all practice facility enquiries including golf lessons and custom fitting please contact the Pro Shop on 01708 688 333 or fill out the form bellow.

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